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How to Clean Up Your Email

How to Clean Up Your Email

When it comes to Spring cleaning, firm owners shouldn’t confine their cleaning efforts to their home office or any other physical space. During this time of year, many firm owners and employees have cluttered email inboxes that are in serious need of attention. Just because your email inbox exists in “virtual space” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t devote time and energy to cleaning it out. In this post, we will provide a series of tips on how firm owners and employees can clean up their emails.

Understand Your Priorities

Before you go about deciding which emails to place in the trash, in spam, in archives, or to put a star on, you should carefully assess your situation and have a clear sense of your priorities. You should think about the truly important things and then the things which are less critical for your business. If it would help, perhaps you can create a hierarchy that includes your highest priorities at the top and your lowest priorities at the bottom. The key point is that you need to know exactly what information is critical before you can go about cleaning out your email inbox.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use the Trash

Putting emails in the trash may sound extreme, but you shouldn’t be afraid to use the trash liberally when you clean out your inbox. Simply put, if something isn’t essential, you shouldn’t be opposed to placing it in the trash. One reason why this shouldn’t concern you is that you can always revive emails from the trash if you ever happen to need them. Remember, emails moved to the trash bin aren’t removed altogether; they are simply taken away from your primary inbox. To be removed entirely, you would have to delete an email from your trash bin permanently. Many, many inboxes are cluttered mainly because people are too hesitant to throw emails in the trash; don’t fall into this pattern.


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    Utilize Email Management Software

    In addition to creating a priority list and using your trash bin, another strategy to clean your email is to utilize an email management software program. Some email management programs can allow you to keep your inbox organized and can therefore reduce clutter regularly. Programs such as Mailstrom, for instance, have a range of functions and can make inbox management a much simpler process. Given the amount of time required to manage your inbox independently, investing in one of these software programs may be worthwhile.

    Taming the Email Monster Guide

    Remember that you can always delegate your email to your assistant. And actually, that’s the idea, and that’s how you delegate your way to freedom! Click HERE and learn about our collaborative email delegation system and regain control of your time. Imagine the sheer liberation you’d feel if every single time something came your way – an email, a lunch request, a phone call – you had an assistant to handle it for you. You can’t really imagine how much time you’d save unless you wrote it down. Trust us, it’s a lot, and your email will always be clean.

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    These are just a few helpful tips that may be useful to firm owners on how to clean up their email. If you’d like more tips, reach out to the team at Get Staffed Up, LLC today by calling 866-763-2452. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletters HERE.


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