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Tips for Effective Time Management

Tips for Effective Time Management

As we’ve mentioned before on our blog, time is among the most valuable resources in business. Many business leaders, including Warren Buffet, have commented on the importance and value of time. One of the most challenging things to do in business is managing your time well. But, time management is also among the most critical tasks to master in the business world, because time can never be bought. No matter what happens, time is a fixed commodity; you can’t buy or trade for additional time. As a firm owner, you should take time management very seriously, and do what you can to maximize the available time you have. For that reason, we will discuss a few tips for effective time management.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Running a firm comes with a huge list of tasks. When you operate a business, there is a veritable avalanche of things that need to be accomplished regularly. Your assortment of tasks will range from relatively exciting things, such as client acquisition, to the much more mundane, such as cleaning and basic organization.

One way you can maximize your time is to create a priority list for your tasks. In a sense, you should create a ranking for your tasks so that you understand which ones are highly important and which ones are less important. This will ensure that you complete the really critical tasks. Of course, if you complete everything, this is great, but a list will ensure that nothing essential is overlooked.

Cut Out Non-Essentials

Another way you can maximize your time is to remove or cut out non-essential tasks simply. Ideally, you should strive to complete everything you need to accomplish, but in some cases, this simply might not be possible. And, in other cases, you may have tasks on your list which really aren’t helpful or valuable at all. As a general rule, tasks that don’t create any value should be eliminated. For instance, you may have “office cleaning” as a regular task on your priority list, but perhaps this task can be reduced to one cleaning per month, as opposed to once per week. Eliminating non-essential tasks will literally free up more time, and that can be extremely useful.


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    Delegate / Outsource Tasks

    Finally, another strategy you can use to manage time better is to delegate or outsource tasks to others on your team. This can be a great way to free up time while also ensuring that all necessary tasks be addressed. In some cases, it may even be useful to hire new staff to outsource certain tasks. For instance, you may find that it is economically beneficial to hire a virtual assistant to complete certain administrative duties. Whatever the case may be, outsourcing tasks is certainly an effective time management tool.

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    Time management is easily one of the most important topics for business owners. If you’d like to learn more tips for effective time management, or if you’re interested in hiring a virtual assistant to join your team, get in touch with Get Staffed Up, LLC today at 866-763-2540. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletters HERE.


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