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How to Organize Your To-Dos

How to Organize Your To-Dos

Our previous post gave a few tips on how firm owners can reduce clutter during the Spring season. Reducing office clutter is always a good idea, especially when the office is a home office. While we are still in this cleaning and organizing mode, we wanted to talk today about how law firm owners can better organize their “to-dos,” that is, their collection of tasks that must be completed every day. In this post, we will give a few tips on how firm owners can improve organization in this way.

Create a Physical List

We can think of this as the “old-fashioned” way: sit down and carefully write out your daily (or weekly, or monthly, etc.) tasks on a physical sheet of paper. Although this will take a bit of extra effort on your part, this effort may end up further helping you to stay on track. Place the paper in a familiar spot so you can refer back to it throughout the day and ensure that everything is on pace to be completed properly.

Use Your Mobile Phone

This will probably be the preferred method for most firm owners today: use your mobile phone. You can use your mobile phone in several different ways. You can use your phone to create a series of reminders for your tasks; this will work similar to an alarm clock and notify you when certain things need to be done. Alternatively, you can literally use your phone to produce a checklist similar to the one described above. Additionally, there are apps that you can use specifically to assist in this area, and so one of these may be useful as well.


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    Use an Online Platform

    Another option to improve organization is to use an online service, such as teamwork.com or Monday.com. Online platforms such as these offer a variety of resources and tools, including tools that facilitate task management. As with everything else, using these platforms will have upsides and downsides; one drawback is that you may have to master new tricks in order to utilize these services, to begin with.

    Write Post-It Notes

    This is also a bit old-fashioned. Unlike a full checklist, you can use post-it notes to write out specific tasks; then, you place your post-it notes in different places throughout your workplace. You may end up creating a dozen or more post-it notes in a given day, depending on your workload.

    Delegate Tasks to Others

    Another way you can better organize your tasks is to delegate them to others. In a very real sense, this is one effective way to achieve better organization. If you have your list of to-dos, you can highlight the tasks that can be delegated to a member of your team. Remember that by reducing the number of tasks on your plate, you will have an easier time building a structure for the ones which remain on your plate.

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    Clutter in any form can be a big drag for your company. This is true even when the clutter is mental or psychological. Besides reducing physical clutter by cleaning up your office, you should also reduce some of your psychological clutter by organizing your tasks. If you would like more information on how to organize your to-dos, or if you need assistance on hiring a virtual assistant, give Get Staffed Up, LLC a call today at 866-763-2540. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletters HERE.


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