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How to Implement a Challenge for Team Connection

Challenge for Team Connection

A common saying in business goes something like this: you’re either growing or declining, but there is no third direction. Although this statement may be a bit extreme, it reflects something which many business owners feel regularly. Whenever a business starts to stagnate, this isn’t a good thing in most cases. One of the strategies firm owners can use to avoid stagnation is to implement challenges for their work team. Challenges can have the desired effect of building greater connections among team members, as well as promoting other positive outcomes. In this blog, we will give a couple of examples of how to implement a challenge for team connection; then, we will discuss how you might go about implementing these challenges.

Examples: Productivity Goals or Performance Goals

Two examples of positive challenges are productivity goals and performance goals. Productivity goals are all about meeting certain predetermined productivity benchmarks. Consider a hypothetical scenario. Your firm wants to implement a new marketing plan which involves posts on social media, new physical pamphlets, and several other things. After reviewing everything, you learn that the typical amount of time required to complete the plan is 3 months. Instead of settling for 3 months, you could put forth a challenge to your team and encourage them to complete the plan in 2 months. To further this goal, you could offer an incentive.

Performance goals are all about meeting certain standards regarding work quality. One example of a performance goal would be to challenge your team to obtain top reviews from clients. Perhaps you challenge your team to generate 10 consecutive top reviews (for instance, 5-star reviews on social media or other websites). As with productivity goals, you could incentivize your team as a way to encourage them to meet this performance goal.


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    How to Implement the Challenges

    Implementing such challenges isn’t a terribly difficult task; you simply need to create a system and be sure to put in the effort. After you create an effective incentive plan, make sure that you regularly remind your team that this incentive structure is in place. If you’re implementing a productivity goal, provide your team with regular reviews, and frequently communicate to ensure that your team is on track to meet the deadline. The same applies to performance goals. Provide consistent feedback, encouragement, and pointers on how team members can improve areas needing attention.

    If you’re trying to bring your team together, be sure to emphasize that your incentive system applies to everyone on the team and not just certain individuals. This will decrease the possibility of any sort of undesirable competition between team members.

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    If you develop a workable challenge for team connection and you put in the necessary effort to implement it well, you may see that it can be a compelling team-building strategy. Of course, as with so many things, you can only expect in return what you invest, and so you can’t simply expect a challenge to work wonders unless you take the time to see it succeed. If you’d like additional information, contact Get Staffed Up, LLC today by calling 866-763-5699.

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