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5 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Team

5 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Team

In many ways, business is all about building and sustaining relationships with others. This is true not just regarding client acquisition and sales, but also within your own company. The more you can develop strong relationships with your coworkers, the more likely you are to have success in the long-term. Companies that have a strong team mentality, and have harmonious relationships, are better able to increase productivity, adapt to change, and so forth. In this blog, we discuss 5 ways to build a strong relationship with your team.

1. Incentive Systems

Few people can be maximally motivated with no incentive system whatsoever. When people are incentivized to work hard, this can have a favorable effect not only on productivity but also on relationships. Building a performance incentive system can lead to employees feeling more valued and, consequently, feeling more connected to the company and team.

2. Performance Reviews

Establishing frequent performance reviews can also be an effective way to build up your team. By “performance reviews,” we’re not referring to a situation in which employees nervously await to be graded on a sharp scale; we’re referring to helpful feedback which can give employees a sense of how they might improve their skills. This type of focused attention can be beneficial.

3. Weekly Meeting

Another good way to improve team building is to establish weekly meetings. Choose a day of the week, usually Monday or Friday, and convene with all team members. Use these meetings to allow employees to give feedback and reports, discuss concerns, and be sure to discuss your own goals and concerns as well.


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    4. Regular Communication

    Aside from weekly meetings, you should try to communicate with your employees on a regular basis. This is especially true for remote employees who may have a greater likelihood of feeling isolated from the team. You should not be overbearing in your communication because no one wants to feel as though you’re hovering over them constantly. That being said, if you don’t communicate positively on a fairly consistent basis, your team may end up becoming detached.

    5. Office Activities

    Use your brain and think of some fun activities in which the whole team can participate. Team building activities of this sort can take many different forms: virtual office parties, office-wide virtual games (Chess, Monopoly, etc.), and so forth. The more fun you have together, the stronger your team will become over time.

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    These are just 5 ways to build a strong relationship with your team. Remember, your team is ultimately what makes your company successful, and so the more you invest the more you can expect in return. Contact Get Staffed Up today for more information.

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