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Why it Will Cost You More NOT to Hire Now and to Wait Until January

Why it Will Cost You More NOT to Hire Now and to Wait Until January

The holiday season brings about a great many things for law firm owners. This exciting season brings about joy, celebration, and togetherness with friends and family. However, this season also tends to bring up challenges for many businesses. During the holiday season, many businesses try various methods to cope with increased demand, for instance. Many businesses also have to make significant hiring decisions around this time as well. And given the demands associated with bringing on a new employee, some companies may incline to delay hiring a new employee until the year rolls around in January. Although this inclination may seem appealing, there are reasons to reconsider and make your decision at the beginning of the holiday season. In this post, we will discuss the reasons why it will cost you more NOT to hire now and to wait until January.

Lost Productivity

One of the main reasons why delaying your hiring decision can cost you more is because of lost productivity. When you bring on a new hire, you will reap the benefits of increased productivity. This is true even though all employees will need some training in order to be productive. If you have an adequate training program in place, your new hire should be able to become productive quickly enough to make the early hiring decision worthwhile. This may be particularly true for virtual employees, as these employees generally need less training than in-house employees. As we know, the holiday season can get extremely busy, depending on your practice areas. If you can quickly train a new hire, you will definitely see a big payoff in the enhanced productivity of your company.


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    Training Cost

    If you train and integrate your new employee during a busy season, such as the holiday season, there is reason to believe that the training cost will be lower as compared to a slower season. If you hire a virtual employee during busy times, your new hire will be able to absorb all the new information more rapidly as they try to keep up with the pace of work. This will ultimately cut down on training costs. By contrast, if you hire your new employee during a relatively slow period, this may actually mean a longer training time and, consequently, more resources. Simply put, the training cost is likely to be higher if you delay your decision until the new year.

    Diminished Team Building

    As we know, the holiday season can be a wonderful opportunity for team bonding at your workplace. Most firms host parties for Thanksgiving and Christmas. These are also marvelous opportunities to integrate a new hire. Think of these holiday gatherings as ways to integrate your new hire into your team. There is practically no better way to build camaraderie and rapport than to have your new employee participate in these festivities. If you delay the hiring decision, then you will risk losing these opportunities to build a closer and more productive team.

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    These are just a few reasons why you are likely to pay more if you delay your hiring decision until the new year. If you’d like to learn more, or if you’re interested in hiring a new virtual assistant right now, give Get Staffed Up, LLC a call today at 866-763-2452.


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