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Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Is A Safe Decision

Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Is A Safe Decision

If you’re thinking about hiring a virtual assistant for your law firm, you likely have all sorts of questions in your mind. Hiring a virtual employee has the potential to be a great boost to your firm, but most firm owners are unfamiliar with virtual employees, and the process of hiring one. Naturally, many of the questions firm owners ask to relate to issues of productivity, efficiency, and safety. In this post, we will discuss why hiring a virtual assistant is a safe decision for a law firm.

As we will see, most firm owners who think carefully about the situation should come away with the impression that hiring a remote employee is indeed a very safe decision. In fact, hiring a virtual assistant is, in some respects, a safer decision than hiring an in-house employee. Let’s explore a few points which relate to this issue.

No Chance Of Office Drama

One reason why hiring a virtual employee is a safe choice is that there can be no chance (or very limited chance) of office drama. Every office, no matter how apparently orderly and drama-free, has some level of office politics involved in its day-to-day operation. This is to be expected. This is partly just a natural consequence of sharing a space together and hearing about the personal lives of coworkers. However, while some office drama is expected, too much can pose a threat to productivity and performance.

This is clearly one major benefit of hiring a virtual assistant: with a remote employee, there is essentially no chance of that employee becoming involved in office drama. Of course, there may be some chance of this happening, depending on the nature of the employee and your own work environment; but a virtual employee’s remote status means that this person likely won’t be a source of office drama.


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    Reduced Possibility Of Theft

    Another reason why hiring a virtual employee is a safe decision is that a virtual employee presents a reduced risk of theft. When you hire an employee, there is always a possibility that the employee isn’t an honest person; there is always some chance that this employee may steal from the company in one form or another. Fortunately, with virtual employees, this risk is greatly reduced. Given their remote status, virtual employees are much less likely to steal from the company. Of course, even with remote employees, there is always the possibility of theft, especially if that virtual employee has access to online company banking. But, on the whole, the risk is much lower.

    Termination Is Usually Easier

    The third reason why hiring a remote employee is a safe decision is that the termination of employment is much less stressful for both parties. Of course, termination is always a difficult thing, and this is still true for remote workers, just as it is for in-house employees. However, with virtual employees, the stress involved in termination is reduced a bit because of the physical distance. Normally, when you terminate an in-house employee, there is a great deal of stress; there are strong emotions involved, and these emotions can only be amplified when the employee is in-house. Because virtual employees aren’t in-house, the emotions involved are usually easier to assuage, and this is beneficial to all parties.

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    There are many reasons why hiring a virtual assistant is a safe decision for a law firm. As you can see, hiring virtual employees is even safer than in-house employees in some ways. Hiring remote workers present many key advantages. If you’d like to learn more about hiring a remote employee, get in touch with Get Staffed Up, LLC, for additional information. We can help you understand the process and advantages of virtual employees. Call us today at 866-763-2452.

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