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Tips to Maximize Productivity Among Virtual Employees

Tips to Maximize Productivity Among Virtual Employees

Hiring a virtual employee for your firm can be an exhilarating, highly rewarding experience. If you properly manage your virtual employees, you can stretch your company’s productivity and maximize your profits. When a firm hires virtual employees, one of the big questions which come up is the following: how can the productivity of virtual employees be maximized? In this post, we will discuss three tips to maximize productivity among virtual employees.

Allow Flexible Work Schedule.

We’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but it is worth mentioning again. When you hire a virtual employee, you will likely need to accept the fact that this employee can’t be managed in the same manner as in-house employees. You may want to manage virtual employees in the same way, but this probably won’t be possible, and even if it is possible, it’s likely not to be the best possible course. Virtual employees often need to have greater flexibility in their work schedules, and employers can do a lot to stimulate productivity by allowing this flexibility. If your virtual employees need to work unusual hours or need to have certain days off altogether, do your best to accommodate these requests, especially if these requests don’t detract from the normal operations of the firm.

Provide Cutting-Edge Equipment.

Another way to improve productivity is to provide the best equipment for your remote workers. Employers may be skeptical of this tip at first glance. This is understandable because providing equipment may involve some upfront costs the employer must carry. But, the good news is that this type of provision can usually be balanced out with a tax deduction. The cost is usually paid back quickly because of the increase in productivity from your remote employees. If your employees need up-to-date laptops, phones, printers, professional subscriptions, or any other useful tools, the best advice is to provide these right away.


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    Encourage Skill Development.

    For many years, our country has stood firmly behind the notion that more education leads to greater productivity. This principle shouldn’t apply solely to your in-house employees but should extend to your remote staff members as well. Whenever possible, encourage your remote employees to develop their skills and increase their competency in specific areas. This can be done in so many different ways and for so many different purposes. For instance, if you have a virtual employee who regularly creates excel spreadsheets, sharpen that employee’s skills with advanced excel courses online. If you have a remote employee who you use to translate foreign language documents, encourage the employee’s development by offering to pay for a translator certification credential.

    No matter what industry you may be in, there is always an opportunity to encourage your virtual employees to sharpen their skills and improve their potential. Also, doing so can quickly lead to greater productivity and greater profits for your firm.

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    These are just a few tips you can use to promote productivity among your virtual staff members. There are plenty of other effective strategies to consider. If you’re thinking about hiring a virtual staff member, get in touch with Get Staffed Up, LLC today for more information. At Get Staffed Up, we can help you find a top virtual assistant to fulfill various functions in your firm. Call us today at 866-763-2452 to learn more.

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