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Celebrating the Parents Among Your Virtual Staff

A big family of 6 were we can see two elderly a man and a woman, also a man and a woman with 2 kids smiling at the camera and hugging each other in a park.

At some point in the course of running your business, you will end up hiring an employee who has kids. This also holds true for those businesses which hire virtual employees. Eventually, you will hire a virtual employee who is also a parent. Taking the time to recognize and celebrate the virtual employees on your staff who are parents is immensely important. If you treat your virtual employees as though they are disposable, or that their particular life situation doesn’t matter, you can expect a much higher rate of employee turnaround. Responsible employee management involves putting in effort to recognize the unique situations of your employees and the ways in which those situations affect their employment. This is especially true for virtual employees because these employees are already more likely to feel alienated from your general company culture.

In this article, we will discuss a few ways you can celebrate the parents among your virtual staff. This list isn’t exhaustive, but these ideas can definitely help business owners who are trying hard to praise their virtual employees and make sure they feel as though they are valued.

Recognize Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

For one, you should make a good faith effort to recognize your parent employees on either Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many employers fail to give recognition to their employees on these days. There are many ways you can give recognition. You can give a gift card, praise them on social media, highlight them in the company newsletter, or pick another option. The key thing is that you want to make sure you’re giving them their due attention on this important date.

Provide Options for Flexible Schedules.

One of the big concerns for virtual employees who are parents is the possibility of having a flexible work schedule. This makes intuitive sense if we consider the various demands which are placed on parents. Oftentimes parents have to juggle different tasks which can come up at any given time; this makes a flexible schedule a near necessity. Whenever possible, give your virtual employees who are parents the option to have a flexible work schedule. This will ultimately translate into higher productivity and employee loyalty.

Give Bonuses Which Assist Their Parental Responsibilities.

Another way you can celebrate your virtual employees who are parents is to give bonuses related to their parental responsibilities. As mentioned, parents have to complete a whole range of tasks, such as picking up their children from school, taking their children to extracurricular activities, arranging daycare, and so on. If you provide direct assistance with one of the many tasks they need to complete, you may go a long way toward building loyalty. For instance, you can give a coupon for daycare, or sponsor an extracurricular activity, or assist in some other area. Most parent employees would feel immense gratitude for such a bonus.

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