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How Virtual Assistants Should Be Celebrated & Thanked

How Virtual Assistants Should Be Celebrated & Thanked

Labor Day may be behind us, but it’s not too late to think of ways you can celebrate and praise your hardworking virtual assistants. Virtual employees can sometimes be in a bit of a bind when it comes to worker appreciation; virtual employees often make huge contributions to your business but can sometimes be forgotten because of their remote status. While forgetting to celebrate your remote workers may be common, this doesn’t mean that such forgetfulness is excusable. You should always try your hardest to adequately praise and thank your remote workers, otherwise these workers may not realize how valuable their contributions can be.

In this post, we will identify and discuss how virtual assistants should be celebrated & thanked and the many contributions they make to your company.

Buy a gift.

Gifting is a tried and true method of showing appreciation, and this method certainly can be used with virtual assistants. When an employee receives a gift, you are communicating exactly how much you value that employee in a very powerful way. Giving a gift can be a great way to build loyalty as well as rapport and goodwill. If you need gift ideas, the following are good options: an Amazon gift card, a movie theater gift card, or a department store gift card (such as Target or Best Buy). A gift card is a smart move because this way, your virtual employee can just use the gift to get exactly what they want or need.

Give a social media shoutout.

If you’re running a business in 2020, there’s an excellent chance that your company has social media pages. If you don’t have pages on social media, you need to start building these pages today. One way you can celebrate your virtual employees is to give direct shoutouts on your social media. Give praise on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media page by highlighting your virtual employee’s accomplishments and talents. If your virtual assistant has their own social media or website, perhaps you can reference their media on your pages.

Offer a bonus.

Depending on the situation, a monetary bonus may be a good way to express appreciation to your virtual assistant. Few things communicate praise as well as cold, hard cash. Of course, you will need to go over your company budget, as well as your employee’s performance, before issuing a bonus. But offering a bonus of some kind can be a great means to express gratitude and build loyalty. Most employees respond favorably if they have a monetary incentive beyond just their typical salary. Offering a bonus can only express thanks, and it can also increase productivity too.

Host a virtual party.

If your virtual employee lives too far away to join you in your office, host a “virtual party.” Gather all your employees, both virtual and non-virtual, and have a virtual celebration with food, drinks, and music. Hosting a virtual party can be a great way to foster bonding between your virtual assistants and the rest of your company.

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These are just a few ideas you can use to express your thanks to your virtual assistants. Virtual assistants can add tremendous value to your company. Be sure to take the time to offer praise and celebrate the successes of your virtual assistants from time to time. The last thing you want is a valuable, productive assistant to take off because he or she felt unwelcome or under-appreciated.

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