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Mission Matters Podcast


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On May 21, 2020, we had the privilege of being the featured guest on the Mission Matters podcast. This podcast is hosted by Adam Torres, and it is designed for busy people on the move, so every episode lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. It always features leaders sharing their life and career experience.

In this episode, Brett and Adam explore virtual offshore staffing for small businesses and talk about how to hire and use a virtual assistant to make your life better. Many people have considered hiring VAs through the years. Some companies do this well, while others lack the knowledge and expertise to accomplish the task successfully. They also shared really cool insights on how by delegating tasks you hate to do (or you don’t have time to do) to someone who would love to do it for you, you can elevate your business and the amount of amazing work you can get done.

At Get Staffed Up, we staff your law firm with incredible, full-time, offshore virtual assistants in three key areas: Administrative Virtual Assistant, Marketing Virtual Assistant, and Clerical Virtual Assistant. Our mission is simple: to help lawyers delegate their way to freedom. We were founded by two lawyers who thought that running a law firm should be insanely joyful (we’re changing lives, after all) – but didn’t find that joy until their teams were sufficiently large enough so that the lawyers only focused on what was important to them.

You can listen to the Mission Matters podcast HERE.

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