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Why Right Now is the Best Time to Hire, Perhaps Ever

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You read the subject line correctly. Right now is the best time to hire. This isn’t clickbait or a clever ruse to trick you into reading something completely useless.

Because of the craziness that is Coronavirus, and the upheaval in the business world, all of us have been forced to dramatically change the way we communicate, operate, and function.

Let’s review the current state of reality:

– You will never have more time to train someone.

– You will never have more time to develop checklists, policies, and procedures [this doesn’t have to be daunting, by the way – just go position by position and write down the seven most important tasks each person/position handles].

– You will never have more time to think about your business and work on your business.

– You will never have more time to delegate and then actually follow up on delegated tasks.

Imagine if you made a list of the 50 most important lingering items you’ve never been able to do for your business, and then over the next 50 weeks, you delegated one task at a time. How much further ahead would your business be than it is right now? How much further ahead of competitors would you be? How good would you feel?

Having a Virtual Assistant to whom you can delegate tasks all day long is one of the more underutilized productivity tools in the business. Ever wonder how some people manage to run multiple businesses and charitable foundations and be present for their families? Hint: their sole job is to delegate. You can get there too, and you don’t need millions in revenue or income to do it. You just have to work smarter.

Is this a self-serving blog post? Partly, yes. Because we’re self-aware and honest, we happily highlight that fact. Name something your business does that isn’t self-serving in some sort of way. We’re all in business to make a difference for someone else, and at Get Staffed Up, we know we can help you delegate your way to freedom.

Our Virtual Legal Secretaries, Paralegals, and Marketing Assistants are ready to join your team right away.

The new Remote Economy is HERE. Are you ready?


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