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Are You Ready For The New Remote Economy?

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Over the past ten years, remote working has been rapidly on the rise.  According to Fundera, in 2017 there were roughly 3.7 million employees worldwide working from home at least half the time.

Furthermore, remote working has become a favorite perk for both employees and companies. A recent infographic published by the digital company GO-Gulf as well as data from the Global Workspace Survey, highlights that:

– 90% of remote workers plan on working remotely for the rest of their lives.
– 55% of managers agree that remote work among full-time employees is more common.
– 70% of professionals work remotely at least once a week.
– Over half of the employees globally are working outside of their main office for at least 2.5 days a week.
– 75% of professionals worldwide consider flexible working to be the new normal.

Law firms are increasingly going virtual, as well.  Many new law firms have shunned office space altogether, while others have downsized.  Lawyers are also starting to request the ability to work remotely at least once per week.  A quick perusal of any common lawyer blog reveals that virtual staff is all the rage.

While the increase in telecommuting was predicted to grow exponentially over the next decade, thanks to the Coronavirus, the new Remote Economy is here.  Responsible law firms everywhere have shifted to a completely virtual environment thanks to COVID-19, much faster than they could have ever predicted possible.

The opportunities presented by the current pandemic remind me of a quote often misattributed to Winston Churchill but which rings true nevertheless, “never waste a good crisis.” While many small law firms are being forced to go virtual in a matter of days, isn’t that actually a good sign?  That when push comes to shove, you can adjust and make it happen?

I truly believe that by late spring, we’ll be past the worst of the effects of the Coronavirus.  Sure, they may linger, but for the most part, life, as we know it will return to as is, was before.  The question is, will you learn the lessons and heed the opportunities that this pandemic is actually presenting?

– Will you learn how to mix in virtual staff with your current staff?
– Will you learn to understand how quickly business – and life – can change and be ready?
– Will you have a disaster plan in place for the next time?
– Will you add team members from around the world to help lessen the effects of regional disasters?
– Will you be ready for the new Remote Economy?

Now is not the time to be bashful, so we’ll just throw this out there: we’re uniquely set up to help you quickly ascend into the forefront of the new Remote Economy.  Our clients are law firms, and our people are home-based employees working for you full-time.  Here are just some of the positions and tasks we can help you with during this uncertain time:

– Additional phone support for incoming calls, outbound follow-ups, and check-ins with your current and even former clients. 
– Intake coordinator to help book and schedule your zoom calls if your clients are tech savvy.
– E-file clerks and admin clerks to help ensure your systems are followed and don’t fall off as you transition.
– Marketing assistants to help spread the word about the services you offer on social media and email and make sure you’re consistent across platforms. 
– Video coordinator to edit your videos and get them uploaded onto YouTube. 
– Research assistant to help you sort through and disseminate updates to your clients with resources and offerings.

The list goes on.  The reason most of us don’t get more help is that it’s so expensive every time you want to add someone domestically.  It doesn’t have to be so expensive to add massive people, power and bandwidth.  That’s where we come in.  Let us help you find someone incredible today.  Let us help you be at the forefront of the new Remote Economy.   

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