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Can’t Find Good Marketing Help That Doesn’t Break the Bank?

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Marketing, marketing, marketing.  Like most business/law firm owners, you have a million marketing ideas you’d like to get done, but no time to execute those ideas.  You’d like to hire someone, but a decent Marketing Assistant (with little experience) will cost you at least $50,000.00, not including overhead.  You’re not sure if you really want to spend that kind of money with no guaranteed return.  Chances are you’re stuck in this cycle – like most law firm owners – of not wanting to overspend or not having the time to hire, so those great marketing ideas sit on the shelf, waiting for their turn.

You’ve heard this before, but marketing primarily consists of the practice of throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks.  Don’t fight this reality – NO ONE knows exactly what marketing works and why.  Even the best marketers have had a lot of failed campaigns (they just don’t tell you about their failures).

So, what is the real danger of marketing?  Spending too much money on all those great ideas, most of which will bear little or no fruit.  As someone I greatly respect likes to say, “fail fast and fail cheap.”  If you learn from these (hopefully cheap) failures, you can start to find marketing concepts that work little by little.  Webinars, live events, blogs, etc.  You have lots of ideas, but you still can’t do them all at once.  Try things out, learn, and grow, and when you find something that sticks, run with it until it sticks no more.  That’s the marketing game.

But what if you could run with your marketing ideas at a reasonable cost?  For the first time (as far as I know), it’s actually possible, and that’s where we come in.  By hiring one of our Staffers, you can appear to be everywhere online for an incredibly reasonable, fixed price. (If you don’t believe us, please read our testimonials here).  Or, you can have incredible videos being made and posted on Facebook every week.  Or, you can have your live chat monitored and your LinkedIn being managed.  Or, you can have someone booking live speaking events for you while you do legal work.  Eventually, you can even have all of these great marketing tasks being done for you at once, still at an incredibly low cost.

Please watch this short testimonial video below from one of our clients to see how a Get Staffed Up Marketing Assistant can help you dominate marketing your firm while your competitors either fail to market or fail very expensively.  (Side note – most of this email – and the video – was done by one of our own marketing assistants from overseas, so if this email doesn’t stick, we’ll learn very cheaply).

How is this all possible, you ask?  You can read in detail how our system works HERE, but the bottom line is: We find incredibly talented team members for you (we don’t call them your employee because they’re our employees, and we take that employer liability off of you), located offshore, and you pay us a flat monthly fee.

That’s it.  We hope to hear from you very soon.  Let’s see what sticks.

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