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Brown M&M’s… It’s Not What You Think

Brown M&M’s... It’s Not What You Think

I once read a book called The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande which told a story about David Lee Roth. You see, David Lee Roth was, and after a two decade separation now is again, the lead singer of one of the biggest rock bands in history: Van Halen.

Van Halen puts on one heck of a show. In the 70’s they were one of the first rock bands to put on huge productions requiring a great deal of gear and preparation. Setting up for their show was highly technical and their instructions and demands for the venue were meticulous. Somewhere in the middle of these instructions was a small clause that required a bowl of M&M’s be placed in Roth’s dressing room. This peculiar clause called for every single brown M&M to be removed from the bowl.

When Roth would arrive at his dressing room the presence of brown M&M’s would alert him that the preparation for the show had not been completed with precision. It was his way of checking that the crew had followed every detail of his instructions.

Keep in mind, if the instructions were not followed properly an accident could result in the injury or death of a band member. What seemed like a pompous request for a spoiled rock star was, in fact, a test to make sure the preparations were carried out to exacting standards.

Here at Get Staffed Up, we believe attention to detail is an absolutely crucial trait that must be part of an incredible staffer. Following Roth’s lead we have hidden subtle tests throughout our hiring process. If an applicant fails one of these tests they are eliminated immediately.

These tests are just one of the ways we eliminate applicants on our path to finding incredible offshore talent.

Are you ready to Get Staffed Up?

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