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Could You Use Someone Incredible?

Could You Use Someone Incredible?

At Get Staffed Up, we help lawyers delegate their way to freedom. We do this by finding talent in other countries through our proprietary hiring process, helping you onboard that talent, and then handling all of the traditional human resource and payroll hassles so you don’t have to. We do all of this at a cost of roughly 1/3 of what a traditional onshore employee costs your firm.

In every nation there is a pool of talent. Inevitably some of this talent is mediocre, but a percentage is incredible. We are experts at finding that incredible talent.

We look at things from a different perspective than most firms do when hiring. Instead of trying to build our lists of prospects, we let the talent pool eliminate themselves if the miss critical steps. We invite all of our prospects to go through a difficult and lengthy application process. Those who do not have incredible attention to detail and work ethic simply don’t make. In fact, only 4% – 5% of applicants make it through our entire screening process.

During this screening process we build a five-part profile of each prospect, which includes: (1) a video explaining why they are incredible, (2) their resume, (3) their cover letter, (4) a writing sample, and (5) a five-to-ten minute interview where they explain how they fit in with our Get Staffed Up Core Values.

After the profile is complete, the final step in the process is what we call our Gut Check. The profile is reviewed as a whole and we listen to our intuition, based on years of hiring and firing, to determine if we would hire the prospect for our personal business. If we wouldn’t hire them personally, they are eliminated.

From this pool, we propose a match to you, where you have the chance to review their profile and decide whether they get a thumbs up or a thumbs down. If you give them a thumbs up, we schedule an interview so you can get to know them for yourself. If you believe they would make an incredible addition to your team and you give them a second thumbs up, we set up a start date. If you give them a thumbs down, we find you another prospect as soon as possible.

This thorough process results in our finding incredible team members for you and your team. Perhaps they work directly for you, or perhaps they buttress the capacity of one of your major team players. (See what one of our clients has to say by watching her video testimonial here). Just imagine what you could do with an incredible, cost effective, energetic addition to your team.

Are you ready to Get Staffed Up? Contact us today and we’ll help you empower your business with incredible offshore talent.

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