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A Decision That Changed My Life

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On a Friday morning years ago I made a decision that changed my life. My wife and I were considering leaving early for a weekend road trip. We were going to a food and wine festival a few hours away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. In order to leave early, however, I had to reschedule a lunch that was on my calendar. This was a tough decision for me.

You see, I’ve always lived by a simple rule: “Do what you say you are going to do.” I believe success in life is based a great deal on whether you keep your word. So, if I say I’m going to meet someone for lunch, I meet them for lunch.

While some would espouse a principle that’s just as important: “Put your family first,” I decided to stick around for the lunch and then leave town. My wife understood.

Why is such seemingly mundane, perhaps daily decision the subject of this email to you? Because that decision shifted my life in ways that I could never expect. You see, it was at that lunch that I was introduced to the idea of outsourcing several positions at my law firm instead of keeping every position in-house.

My lunch date had hired an offshore assistant from the Philippines and was thrilled with the value he received. Her salary was meager by our standards but to her, it was great. Her english was strong and her work ethic off the charts. It seemed like a scenario where everyone was receiving an amazing value.

I became consumed by the idea. I began research on how I could recruit incredible offshore employees myself. I began testing systems that would allow employees to seamlessly work remotely with my office. I developed a screening process to eliminate all but only the most incredible prospects. I invested countless hours making mistakes, correcting them, and overcoming challenges, but in the end I figured it all out.

I doubled the size of my team while only increasing the overhead associated with the team by 30%. As with all new employees, our new offshore team members required training, but they were smart and dedicated. They had a tremendous work ethic and an amazing attitude to boot. It wasn’t long before they were taking things of my plate and the vision of how great they could be came into focus. These new employees were going to be great once they were fully trained, and had the potential to completely revolutionize the way I ran my business. Looking back, I underestimated them. Every one of these first hires is still with me today, and each of them are incredible and invaluable members of my team.

Soon after my first offshore employees came on board a great friend and fellow attorney asked if I could find an offshore employee to help with marketing for his firm. I agreed and quickly matched him with a prospect I thought was as incredible as mine. The word got out in our circles and more and more friends began asking how they could get such incredible help and such an amazing cost. That great friend and I then brainstormed this concept into a business, and the rest is history. (To learn more about how it all works, as in – how the offshore staffers are employed by us but work only for you, please visit our website).

Get Staffed Up was born through the idea of helping lawyers double capacity with the crippling overhead, and today our mission is simple: to liberate lawyers with incredible offshore talent. Reach out to us today and we will find you someone incredible too.

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