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24 Months to Freedom: How modern law firms use smarter staffing solutions to fast track their way to success, by Brett Trembly.

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Brett Trembly's Bestseller book, 24 Months To Freedom

About the book

In 24 Months to Freedom, Brett Trembly lays out the game plan for growing your law firm by staffing the seven essential positions your firm needs to succeed. Brett gives away the formula, as well as many other resources, while teaching you how to hire quickly, smartly and economically. By following the 24 Months game plan, you’ll be steps away from getting out from under your firm and on your way towards freedom.

Finally, a book that helps lawyers recognize their time is much better spent on the higher-level tasks and shows the reader exactly who to hire and when as they grow!  An incredible resource for lawyers of all levels!
- Kristen David, Esq., Founder, Upleveling Your Business

About the author

Brett Trembly

Brett Founded Inc. 5000 business law firm Trembly Law in 2011 which currently has over 40 employees.  He used this unique ability to attract and hire “A” players to co-found Get Staffed Up, already an Inc. 100 business and the fastest-growing virtual staffing company for lawyers in the United States.  Brett is a regular speaker at law firm conferences around the country. This is Brett’s second book.

What's inside the book:

table of contents

Part I

The reality of running a law firm today

The law firm grind

And your escape plan

Part II

24 months to freedom

Part III

Taking action

Our mission at Get Staffed Up is simple: to help lawyers delegate their way to freedom.

We were founded by two lawyers who thought that running a law firm should be insanely joyful (we’re changing lives, after all) – but didn’t find that joy until their teams were sufficiently large enough so that the lawyers only focused on what was important to them.

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