Virtual Staffing for Law Firms

A Webinar by Get Staffed Up

Learn how full-time virtual staff members can massively improve your law firm.

Virtual staffing was a hot topic before the Coronavirus pandemic. But now that COVID-19 has changed the world, almost all law firms/lawyers will need to learn how to utilize virtual staff to thrive in the new remote economy.

Get Staffed Up, a virtual staffing company for law firms, is owned and managed by two Florida attorneys, Brett Trembly and Enrique Fernandez, and they created a presentation for bar associations called “Virtual Staffing for Law Firms”.

Brett will present the webinar over Zoom and share his screen with slides, so that the members of the bar association can follow along. Of course, at the end, he will leave time for Q&A.

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“I was glad to learn about some of the options available to me. Information was clear, and well presented.”

– Dorothy Morse, MCBA

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    “Highly informative webinar complete with tips and information regarding virtual staffing. Thank you for sharing the information.”

    Ycnaduy Gangi – Florida


    Already Heard by:

    • Dade County Bar Association
    • Osceola Bar Association
    • Manatee County Bar Association
    • Coral Gables Bar Association
    • Florida Government Bar Association