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Why the fourth Quarter is a Great Time to Hire

And not just internationally, but domestically as well. In sports, the 4th quarter is winning time, right? The same is true for business. Seriously – I know this sounds self-serving because we’re a recruiting company, but it’s absolutely true. We find incredible candidates and new team members every year in the fourth quarter. Why? A few key reasons, in no particular order.

First, anybody unhappy with their job or looking to make a life change is already thinking about where they want to land next year. If you wait, they’ll be hired by December with a fresh start in early 2023. Second, you won’t be fighting for competition, because most business owners pack it in in Q4 and start making plans to take action “next year.” Third, you can get onboarding done before January, so the new hire is off and running when the new year starts. Compare that with having to take January – when you’re full of energy and executing plans – to bring along a new team member. You won’t have as much time and therefore onboarding will take much longer. You’ll have lost so much productivity. Finally, we all find extra time in Q4. If you hire before Thanksgiving, you can use the time to do more thorough interviews, find more mutually-agreeable interview times, require more testing and training for candidates, etc.

At GSU, Q1 is the craziest time of the year. Starting mid-January, requests for new hires exponentially increase. Get a jump on the hustle and bustle and do it now. You’ll find the best candidates, have the best onboarding and training experience, and be set to go to execute in the new year, not train. If you’re on the fence about hiring more amazing international help, click here, take advantage of our Fast Track program, and let’s keep pushing together.

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