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Save up to 20 hours a month with Office Hours

If you’ve kept up with our social media and monthly webinars, you know we’re bullish on Zoom office hours. Zoom office hours are set blocks of time each week where your assistant sends out a zoom link, and anyone with a question that is proper for you to answer, can pop into your Zoom waiting room and ask their questions when you’re ready. Office hours prevent your team from seeking your time each day and causing disruptions and interruptions, which are productivity killers. Think about your law school professor – could you interrupt their day anytime you wanted, or did you have to go sit outside their office door during their set office hours and wait for your turn? It’s the same concept, and it’s a game changer. You will save up to five (5) hours a week if done properly. If you missed our webinar on office hours and the OI90 formula where we discuss the benefits of office hours and the issues matrix, visit our Website to get the most out of its benefits. You can also download the free guide HERE.

We hope you find this information useful and beneficial. See you next month with three other “things” specifically designed for you!


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