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Raises for Your Staffer(s). Reminder, 100% of Raises Go to the Cost of Your Staffer!

We get this question a lot, so hopefully I can clarify a few items. We don’t make a single penny in profit when you give your Staffer a raise. A small percentage of the raise gets lost in transaction fees, just as it would in any other payment process we’ve ever encountered (including if you paid them directly). Some of the raise is given to your Staffer in the form of their annual bonus (the amount depending on the country in which they live) but they receive all of the bonus money as well. The rest is given directly to your Staffer.

As a reminder, your Staffer is paid above the median pay for their region/country, not just for entry-level assistants but for all employees. However, if you’re at all concerned with how much they’re taking home, or simply want to pay them more because we found you the most amazing Staffer ever, please speak to your Happiness Coordinator ASAP about giving your wonderful Staffer a raise.

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