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Law Firm Growth Summit – Help Your Firm AND Your Staffer!

The Law Firm Growth Summit (LFGS) is the largest virtual law firm conference in North America, and it returns this December 5th-7th! Unlike the growing trend of paying celebrity speakers to share general success tips, the LFGS has speakers of relevant value who serve law firms and/or have run law firms. The attendees are your typical makeup of small, medium and a few large firms looking to gain insight and grow. And because it’s virtual, you can obviously attend from the comfort of your own home. We do recommend that you skip the office on those two days and tune in from a private location so you don’t get distracted.

Here is the link to get tickets – FOR FREE. That’s right, the main stage portion of the LFGS this year is free. Once registered, you will then have the option to purchase tickets for additional access to breakout sessions.

I will be a main-stage speaker at this year’s event. My session is called “Everybody is Now Competing for VA’s, and You Want the Best; The 7 Deadly Secrets of Offshore Hiring.” Hope to see you there (virtually)!

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