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Introducing GSU’s Staffer Flight Academy

Last year we launched our Staffer Flight Academy for incoming Staffers. The Staffer Flight Academy is a week-long program potential Staffers are put through before they are ever considered to be matched with you. During this intensive week, we’re testing potential Staffer’s soft skills, promptness, professionalism, attention to detail, and much more.

We call it a Staffer Flight Academy, and not a training academy, because we’re verifying that the Staffers we put in front of you can already fly the plane (i.e., they possess the education and training to thrive in the workplace). The mission-specific skills (i.e. how you want your team to operate) must come from you and your firm. We make sure we find you amazing talent, and then you teach them your ways – just like you do for all employees at your firm – domestic or international.

Every Staffer Flight Academy cadet is paid for the entire week by us, even if they fail. With more than 50 potential Staffers going through the Academy every week, the resources we’re investing in this Academy are one-of-a-kind in the industry.

Why is this endeavor important for us? Because we want to avoid false starts, weed the wrong folks out, and test if potential Staffers are actually committed to working for you in the long run.

The graduation rate is just under 60%, meaning (1) it’s not easy, (2) we’re paying A LOT of people just to make sure they don’t waste your time, and (3) you’re getting the true top 1% of English-speaking staffers the offshore world has to offer.

Staffing (on our end) and being a great employer (on your end) isn’t easy. There will always be challenges, disappointments, and frustrations. We’re dealing with humans, after all, and it’s the reason no other company serving law firms does what we do, with our resources, at our scale. We’re committed to helping you find a great “VA” or two, and to being your staffing partner as you continue to grow, gain more clients, and change the world. We’re committed to continually improving our processes, systems, and programs to find you the best staff the world has to offer. This leads us to…


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