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But Wait, There’s More! Get Special Access to Seldom Utilized Book Promotion Strategies at our Private Zoom Chat with Author/Coach, Steve Gordon

As we like to do around GSU, we want our book launch to help benefit you.

What’s the point of writing a book that no one reads?

And that’s where Steve comes in, again. Immediately after the webinar on June 29th, at 3 PM we’ll be holding an exclusive session with Steve where he will dive into the advanced strategies for book promotion that no one else is doing.

How do you join this exclusive session? All you need to do is text “BOOK” to this number: [833-899–3272]. Once you text BOOK to 833-899-3272, you’ll receive a private zoom webinar link.

We won’t save any phone numbers, and will only use them to text you on March 30th the moment we’d love for you to buy the book.

That’s it! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Really hoping you’ll take advantage of this private access to Steve Gordon. A book should be a powerful marketing tool, but only when marketed the right way.

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