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A charity giveaway, our presence in Max Law Con and our Referral Program

Thank you for your continued trust in us and your staffer(s). Following our efforts to give you, our client, greater value, we present the third instalment of “The Three Things”. As you may know by now, these are the monthly three most important items that I believe are emerging and/or relevant regarding staffing, international staffing, hiring, etc. This month, we will focus on a charity giveaway, our presence in Max Law Con and our Referral Program.

1. Win $250 for the charity of your choice, for only ONE minute of your time!

It’s hard for us to believe, but we didn’t officially open our doors for business until July of 2018, almost four short years ago. Together, we have changed over 600 lives around the world by finding them amazing, stable workplaces. We’re going to celebrate our anniversary in early July, and we have a small ask: Would you please take a quick video with your phone (horizontally) and give a shout-out to your Staffer(s)? The video can be very short. You can simply say how great it is to work with your Staffer, they kick butt, help you with x, y, and z, etc. We’ll be compiling the clips and making a cool anniversary montage, so we’d love to have you in it! PLUS, we will select one random winner to receive a $250.00 donation to the charity of their choice. Hopefully, this sounds like a win-win! 

If you do decide to participate, please upload your video HERE.

2. MaxLaw Con – Join us!

Join us at MaxLaw Con in St. Charles, MO, June 2nd-3rd! Stop by our booth for a chance to win an Oculus! Also, meet me on Thursday and Friday as I will be up on stage presenting the OI90 Formula, “A massive time hack for lawyers.” We’ve found MaxLaw to be a great source of both information and inspiration, along with an opportunity to meet some great people. Hope to see you there!

3. Referral Program Reminder!

Receive the easiest $500 you’ll ever make, and change someone’s life by referring them to us. If someone signs up and gives you credit, you’ll receive the $500 referral fee. Unlike those pesky bar rules, there are no restrictions on our ability to say ‘thank you’ by giving you some extra spending money. More importantly, the friend/colleague you refer to us will love you forever, as evidenced by our glowing testimonials. Few things in life are created equally, and employees/staff/team members certainly aren’t one of them. We continue to find the best of the best, helping you grow faster and smarter than everyone else. Give that gift to someone you truly care about, then enjoy some fun on us!

We hope you find this information useful and beneficial. See you next month with three other “things” specifically designed for you!

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