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24 Months to Freedom is out, legacy pricing is sunsetting, and our team now works until 5:30 PT!


Summer is almost here, and we are excited to share the three things Get Staffed Up is working on this month!  My book 24 Months to Freedom is out, June is the last month to hire before Legacy Pricing sets in, and now we have CX staff working until 5:30 Pacific Time!

1. “24 Months to Freedom” is OUT!

After months of labor, my book 24 Months to Freedom is out!  As a GSU client, you’ve already started your freedom journey. But this book is still for you. Every chapter in this book is strategically crafted to overcome subconscious barriers to growth with examples and statistics, and each chapter has actionable goals. 

Snag your copy HERE

2. REMINDER! Legacy pricing is sunsetting!

As mentioned last month, we are slightly increasing our rates and passing those increases to your Staffers.  We chose a fair increase that would make a difference for your Staffers with minimal discomfort to you.  

Here are some reminders about this upcoming change:

  • Your current deals will remain unchanged. Any Staffer you have will continue to be staffed at current rates.

  • Most of the increase will be distributed directly to Staffers.

  • You have until June 30th to add new staffers and still take advantage of legacy rates!

  • In addition to increased pay and benefits, all new hires starting July 1st, 2023, will get automatic salary increases every six months.

3. Our team now works until 5:30 Pacific Time!

We’re happy to announce that our Client Experience team will be available until 5:30 pm Pacific Time/8:30 Eastern Standard Time! This was done to accommodate our West Coast clients, but all clients may utilize our CX team until this new closing time.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!
Brett Trembly
Co-Founder & Visionary

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