Enterprise Level Pricing

We save large law firms $250,000 a year or more on labor costs with our Enterprise Program
Enterprise Level Pricing

Benefits and Qualifications

  • Qualifications: To qualify for the Enterprise Level pricing, you must start with and maintain a minimum 10 Get Staffed Up Virtual Assistants.

  • Benefits: $9,500 price reduction off of the StartUp Fee for 10 V.A.’s (At our regular rates the StartUp Fee would be $17,500.00)

  • Our Monthly Service Fees are lowered by $100 per V.A./month (Savings of at least $1,000 every month)

  • You are moved to the front of the line for any additional V.A. you hire in the future, dropping the wait time by 4-6 weeks.

Our Promise

Big firms have a unique overhead problem, especially in the post-COVID world. Most business owners are painfully unaware that the real cost of an employee is anywhere from 1.25 to 1.45 times the employee’s actual salary. Unlike small firms, large firms are also painfully aware of the fact that too much revenue somehow slips out the door before it ever turns into profit, no matter how big you get. Combine the fact that we’re entering into the new remote economy, rendering commercial space less necessary and less valuable than ever, and you have a unique – and very expensive – staffing and overhead problem on your hands. But that’s where we come in. Get Staffed Up is the largest virtual staffing company for law firms in the United States. With our Enterprise Program designed for large firms, by hiring just ten virtual staff members through Get Staffed Up, we can save you more than $200,000.00, overnight, by finding you incredible team members living outside of the U.S. That’s a lot of extra dough that can be used for expansion, bonuses, or reserves for peace of mind. Our enterprise system is not about replacing jobs. Adding ten employees to turbo-charge bandwidth, reduce bottlenecks, replace underperforming (or overpaid) staff members, or delegate time-intensive jobs so you can free up higher-level employees to work on more valuable tasks, is simply a smart business move. Because you pay us a monthly flat fee, without overhead, taxes, benefits, health care, etc., we save you even more money than ordinarily meets the eye. And although we certainly save you a lot of money, we don’t hang our hat on price – we hang our hat on value. We find the most incredible people from Latin America – your future full-time team members that are happy, positive, appreciative, and thrive in a structured atmosphere with reliable infrastructure. At this point, we hope you feel like we did when we started down this process for our own law firms, and then eventually turned this into a business – it’s a no-brainer. If so, we know you have a few more questions before you sign up and jump to the front of the line – so schedule your call with us today.

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