A Recap of Get Staffed Up’s Q2 2024 Events and Speaking Engagements

GSU events and speaking engagements

Q2 2024 was a whirlwind of insightful engagements and influential sessions for Get Staffed Up. Our team had the privilege of participating in three major industry events, sharing our expertise and networking with top legal professionals. These events were particularly special to us because the organizers are esteemed clients we greatly admire. So, without further […]

Delegate These Things First! How to Choose What to Delegate in Five Easy Steps

In a wooden table there are some documents, glasses, green marker, a brown book and a open notebook that in one of the pages has a headline delegating in black marker underling by a green marker and a illustration of a person delegating to 5 people

This week, we want to talk you through one of the most frequent conversations we have with clients and potential clients at Get Staffed Up, which all starts with this comment: “I’m not sure what to delegate.” If this is you, then exhale confidently, we’re here to help. Here’s how to choose what to delegate […]

7 Tips on How to Onboard Your Virtual Assistant for Ongoing Success

woman typing in a computer, while in her desk she has a brown notebook with pink and aquamarine post it, also with a book and a coffee.

What we do at Get Staffed Up is helping lawyers delegate their way to freedom. We are very, very big on the delegation, but we have a different twist; instead of having someone in-house and really adding to the payroll and the overhead — and the entrepreneurial community being one of the most stressed communities […]

How to work with a virtual assistant

woman with a white jacket in an office sitting Infront of a desk in a zoom meeting with another woman brunette white shirt, grey cardigan. While the one sitting in the desk is multitasking having both screens working and typing in a calculator. The table at her desk has a lamp, markers post its and some documents.

Our mission at Get Staffed Up is simple: to help lawyers delegate their way to freedom. We are happy to teach you how to most effectively work with a virtual team member, even if you don’t use our services. We were recently featured in a series of online training videos, and the information was so […]

How to hire a rockstar virtual assistant

woman in an office with books and carpets, sitting in a white chair in a wooden desk typing at her computer with an open notebook and some papers. At her desk she also have some pens. The woman is wearing a blue shirt and some glasses with her hair down.

At Get Staffed Up we like to say “Delegate your way to freedom.” The big picture here is that we are just emphatic about delegation as a means of increasing your productivity and your quality of life. If you are looking to grow your business or just want to have more free time, that’s our […]

It’s Not the Piano – What Jimmy Iovine Learned from Elton John. 

hammer law made in wood with gold stripe holding some dolars that are in top of the base of the hammer. In the background there are some books and a law balance structure made in wood as well.

I recently watched The Defiant Ones, the incredible docu-series about Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine and their rise to the top of the music world.  While there are many lessons and takeaways from this series, one, in particular, stood out to me – Iovine’s story about Elton John. When Iovine was young, he got a job at […]

Why You Should NEVER Answer Your Own Phone

woman in the office wearing black sweater and blue shirt holding a phone that is on a table

I don’t love absolutes in language, such as never or always. However, in rare circumstances, such as this one – they’re appropriate. You should NEVER answer your own business phone. Never. Let’s explore and explain. We talk to lawyers every week who still answer their own phones. The most common reason we hear is, “If […]