Explanation of Staffer Bonuses

As explained in the video above, anytime a Staffer is given additional pay via bonuses or a raise, they must also receive an additional approximately 10% in a special, required-by-law Holiday/Vacation Bonus called the “13th Month Bonus.”

Accordingly, if you give your Staffer a $100.00 bonus, we must pay them an additional approximately $10.00 for their 13th Month Bonus. So, in this example of giving your Staffer a $100.00 bonus, we will take $112.50 from your account, your Staffer will receive about $110.00 in bonuses. The $2.50 is for hard costs such as transaction fees on our end (so we don’t make a dime on these bonuses, and we don’t charge for our time to calculate and process them, either!).

Hopefully, this new policy is clear, but if you have any questions, please let your Client Happiness Coordinator know!