Explanation of Staffer Bonuses

As explained in the video above, two important items: 1) we don’t make a dime off of Staffer bonuses; and 2) Staffers are required to receive an additional, required-by-law Holiday/Vacation Bonus called the “13th Month Bonus” at the end of every year.  This is calculated by taking their gross pay (including bonuses) and paying them another 10%. Accordingly, if you give your Staffer a $100.00 bonus, we must pay them an additional 10% ($10.00) for their 13th Month Bonus.

So, in the example of a $100.00 bonus, we will withdraw $112.50 from your account, your Staffer will receive $110.00 in bonuses ($100 right away and $10 included in the 13th-month bonus), and the $2.50 will be incurred via transaction fees.  So not only do we not make anything on the bonuses you pay your staffer(s), we don’t charge for our time in processing the bonuses, either.  Hopefully, this new policy is clear, but if you have any questions, please let your Client Happiness Coordinator know.