Administrative Virtual Assistant

Receptionists, New Client Intake Coordinators, Executive Assistants

Receptionists, Intake Coordinators, Personal/Executive Assistants

As we’re fond of saying here, if you don’t have an assistant, you are an assistant. Hiring an assistant is one of the first moves you need to make to start to multiply your time. A good admin assistant will save you hundreds of hours per year, allowing you to focus on what you really care about. Not to mention, produce a lot more income and help a lot more clients.

Our Administrative Virtual Assistants can serve as receptionists, intake coordinators, client happiness coordinators, executive/personal assistants, legal secretaries, and more. Adding several Administrative Virtual Assistants will completely change your mindset and will liberate your time and your mind.

Fantastic, friendly phone answering
Easy connection to you or your other staff members using VoIP systems
Returning calls at scheduled times
Scheduling appointments
Screening unwanted calls and distractions
Sorting and managing files
Calendar management
Special projects
CRM organization
Sorting, managing and responding to your email
Potential new client follow-up
Helping coordinate and schedule personal tasks
Organize lunches, book appointments, coordinate networking events
Coordinate hearings

Executive Receptionists

Believe it or not, the person that answers your phones is the first and most lasting impression of your business. What do your clients and potential clients really care about from the person that answers your phone? That they’re friendly, they listen, and they’re helpful. When you use an answering service, your clients know it. Your full-time receptionist creates rapport with your clients and makes your potential clients want to be a part of your firm. By missing calls, you’re losing tens of thousands of dollars per year. Bottom line – your phone should always be answered, and as often as possible by the same friendly person. With an Executive Receptionist through Get Staffed Up, you not only create an incredible first impression, your clients never know your receptionist isn’t in house. Best yet – depending on your call volume, your Executive Receptionist has additional capacity to save you hundreds of hours per year.

Intake Coordinators

The person who answers your phone ideally shouldn’t be the one who also convinces the potential client to schedule a consultation with you. Have you ever stopped and considered whether you can have someone outside of your office do this important task? Doesn’t the consultation scheduling take place over the phone already? Normally when we point this out, the “light bulb” moment happens, and we help lawyers have a breakthrough. The skilled and experienced Virtual Assistants – after you’ve trained them to work your unique systems – can schedule consultations and follow up with past leads for you all day long, while you focus on closing deals and attacking the work you actually love to do.

Client Happiness Coordinators

This is a new position quickly sweeping the legal field. What does a Client Happiness Coordinator do? Without sounding sarcastic, simply enough, they do everything possible to keep clients happy and ensure that your clients remain with you long-term. Too many business owners focus on new clients, which are ten times more expensive to get than it is to retain clients. This is perhaps the perfect position to have virtually (although, we argue most of your administrative positions can be virtual). Your Client Happiness Director can send care packages, check-in emails, “shock and awe” gifts, surveys, questionnaires, and much, much more. Too much to put into this description – but the good news, we have a special program to help lawyers develop this position. Ask us how.

Executive/Personal Assistant

Once again, if you don’t have an assistant, you are the assistant. We’re still not sure why so many people reject this notion. We think it’s a lack of experience or willful denial – in essence, some people still think that either (a) they have enough willpower to do 6 hours of legal work per day, check all their emails, network, eat, manage, etc., or, (b) they think it’s cool to work 12-hours a day, as if not seeing your family or friends is a badge of honor. Ever pick up a big case or matter only to get that pit in your stomach because now you have to do the work? Imagine the sheer liberation you’d feel if every single time something came your way – an email, a lunch request, a phone call – you had an assistant to handle it for you. You can’t really imagine how much time you’d save unless you wrote it down. Trust us, it’s a lot. This is what we mean when we say “delegate your way to freedom.”

Legal Secretary/Assistant

Perhaps the most intuitive position for most lawyers, why can’t you have a virtual legal secretary? During the coronavirus pandemic, wasn’t your team working remotely anyway? Why pay $50,000, plus employment taxes, overhead, parking, food, etc., when you can pay a third of that price for a wonderful legal secretary that just so happens to be located in another country (Mexico, Central America, or South America, to be exact). Or, get three virtual legal secretaries for the price of one domestic legal secretary, and triple your output. Make your competition wonder how you get so much done. Or, yet again, get a virtual secretary for that awesome paralegal you have that always seems to be overwhelmed with too much work, and you’ve been promising for years, with good intentions, that you would get them help, but you can’t justify the cost. The possibilities are endless when you find out how incredible it is to work with virtual team members for a third of the price. Like us, you’ll wish you knew about this sooner.

Administrative Virtual Assistant

Our Promise

One of the toughest challenges in any small business, and especially in a law firm, is finding and retaining great talent at the administrative level positions. You can find someone young and without experience at a fair rate, but every few months they’re on to their next job. You can find someone with lots of experience, but the cost is normally prohibitive. Our virtual Staffers would garner a high price tag if they were located stateside. Luckily for you, they’re overseas, and we put the economy of scales to good use. A happy, hardworking, highly competent Executive Receptionist that is appreciative of the job and works hard to keep it, all at just less or about minimum wage? That’s where our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee comes into play. If you’re a client, and our Staffer leaves for any reason, we replace them, for free. There’s a reason we think this is a no-brainer (and we’re not the only ones).

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