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First Anniversary of 24 Months to Freedom

Hey there! Join us and let us raise a virtual toast to the first anniversary of Brett Trembly‘s fantastic book, “24 Months to Freedom.” Being a lawyer himself and the CEO and co-founder of Get Staffed Up (GSU), Brett’s book isn’t just a milestone; it’s a goldmine of wisdom for attorneys and law firm owners. Geared towards small and medium-size law firms, however, the lessons apply to individual attorneys at larger firms as well.  

Too many lawyers struggle with hiring and building the business side of their firms. They spent a great deal of time sharpening their skills as lawyers and probably not enough on building their practices into businesses with incredible teams. This book shows how to build such a team in 24 months.

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From Humble Beginnings to Thriving Success 

After being out in the market for more than 365 days, the book has shown starting law entrepreneurs and legal pros the way to success in running a law firm like a well-oiled machine. Focused on offshore staffing solutions, the book serves up practical strategies and a fail-proof roadmap for engineering sustainable growth while escaping the grind 

Who would have thought that streamlining operations, boosting productivity, and paving the way for sustainable growth could be attainable in less than two years? 

Let’s hear what readers are raving about:

“This book makes the success of your law firm a structured inevitability – instead of a question mark” – Sebastian Lane Consulting. 

“A MUST-READ for any executive who needs to focus on what’s important and prepare for growth” – Stephen P Bohn. 

“Every chapter in this book is strategically crafted to overcome subconscious barriers to growth with examples and statistics, and each chapter has actionable goals. Explains exactly how to add 7 different types of virtual staffers to accelerate growth smarter!” – Stacy B.

Why “24 Months to Freedom” Matters for Law Firm Growth 

You’ll find practical tips as well, such as the “Buyback Principle” to buy back time by auditing time allocation and transferring low-value tasks to your teammates. With 24 Months to Freedom, you’ll learn how to hire quickly, smartly, and economically. It also tackles common pain points faced by attorneys and law firm owners, offering fresh solutions to: 

Time Management: Juggling time is a perpetual challenge for legal practitioners. This book dishes out actionable tips to help you master your schedule and tackle tasks to get the most out of your day.

Staffing Struggles: Finding the right talent can feel like a never-ending quest. “24 Months to Freedom” introduces innovative staffing solutions that can revolutionize how law firms operate.

Business Expansion: Scaling up your law firm demands smart strategies and this book provides a carefully crafted roadmap and the tools to expand your practice sustainably.

Identifying the “Pain Line” – where entrepreneurs typically make critical decisions.

Fun Fact: Three heads (or four, five and six) are better than one:

When peak tax season hits, you, and many other attorneys and law firm owners often find themselves buried under tasks and unsure where to focus their efforts (even if they already have a VA). Here’s where next-level delegation becomes essential to overcome those challenges. Just as Brett explains in his book, you can add major bandwidth to your team by utilizing more than one talented people.

That is why peak tax season is the perfect opportunity to add more key hires into your ranks, this facilitates and boost effective law firm growth. When it comes to scalability, having more than one VAs will fast-track your firm to heights in the blink of an eye.

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Unlocking Your Secret Weapon

When you are handling all the chaos of peak seasons and striving for growth, consider the game-changing support of offshore virtual assistants (VAs). These skilled GSU-vetted professionals can tackle administrative, marketing, and billing tasks, freeing you up to focus on the legal nitty-gritty. By weaving VAs into your workflow, you can supercharge efficiency, lighten your workload, and propel your firm toward success.

With “24 Months to Freedom”, you’ll learn what types of VA you can add to your firm and how each position provides unique support to help you better delegate your way to freedom.

Let’s celebrate the first anniversary of this must-read book by embracing its wisdom and harnessing the power of talented VAs to revolutionize your law firm’s operations. Here’s to many more years filled with growth, productivity, and freedom! 

Remember, success isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey. Start yours today with the insights from “24 Months to Freedom” and leverage the talent of GSU’s virtual assistants.


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