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Candid Convos with Leah Miller

Welcome to another episode of Candid Convos! Our show, where amazing business leaders share their valuable insights and experiences with our host, Joe Bravo (Senior Community Coordinator). In this episode, we would like to welcome Leah Miller, Fractional CFO for LNM Financial Services, LLC. Leah combines financial expertise with a real-world law firm perspective to help firm owners make the best strategic decisions for their firm goals.

Achieving Financial Peace

Leah’s services are targeted primarily at law firms; her goal is to give law firm owners financial peace and help ease their anxiety around all of their financials. Her unique selling point is that thanks to her experience, she knows the ins and outs of how a law firm works. From the operation side, personnel management to marketing.

During COVID and after a hurricane that flooded her offices, Leah had to work from home. She quickly realized that the flexibility and the opportunity to be near her kids fulfilled her. This circumstance prompted her to start her own business to help law firm owners achieve financial peace of mind through strategic decisions.

“What we really focus on is not something we have to be in person there to see, as opposed to having a cheap operate operations manager, or something like that, who wasn’t there and didn’t know the operations day to day.”

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Working Remotely and Improving Work-life Balance

Leah’s role as a remote/hybrid CFO requires her to always look at the big overall picture, which is not always about talking details all the time and knowing what’s going on day to day. Increasingly, companies and businesses are implementing a hybrid approach today, thanks to various technological tools that enable efficient working, regardless of location.

“I think offering a virtual hybrid schedule is not only profitable from a less overhead standpoint, but it’s a benefit that you can give your employees.”

If work-life balance looks different for everyone, how can you identify if yours is unhealthy? It can be challenging to recognize if you are burning yourself out, especially when you have normalized it because it has been your lifestyle for a long time. It is crucial to set boundaries when working remotely since it’s easier to get distracted, but also because you need to be efficient and productive.

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