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Delegate Your Way To Freedom with Brett Trembly


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Brett Trembly, our CEO and co-founder, was a special guest in the “The Law Entrepreneur Podcast.” Hosted by Neil Tyra, Brett talks about how he built his successful law firm by mastering time management and delegation. He also described how he founded Get Staffed Up and mastered it, this time by incorporating virtual staffing. Now with his newest best-selling book, “24 Months to Freedom,” he is sharing the know-how on building the law firm of your dreams with incredible offshore talent.

“If You Don’t Have an Assistant, You Are Your Assistant.”

Neil and Brett discuss how delegating will allow you to find time and freedom that you were not able to do before. Bring an incredible Virtual Staffer to strengthen your law firm, and you’ll notice how your productivity and profitability increase. Virtual Assistants can help you with a plethora of tasks, such as being consistent with your marketing and maintaining control of calendars, follow-ups, etc. The secrets of growth will start to unveil as you bring more VA’s into your business. If you think the best way to grow your business is to do everything by yourself, you’re heading straight to burnout land. As Brett powerfully states: “If you don’t have an assistant, you are your assistant.”

Brett’s experiences with Virtual Assistants led him to write his incredible second book called, “24 Months to Freedom.” In the book, Brett masterfully explains in detail a plan to staff your law firm with great virtual employees. GSU’s mission has always been about helping overworked and stressed-out solo, small, and medium-sized law firm owners achieve freedom of time, money, and purpose.

Protect Your Time As An Attorney

It’s crucial for ongoing success that you shield your time from minor tasks or objectives. Delegating tasks knowing they’ll be taken care of efficiently, will free up your mind and allow you to focus on growing your business. Just as Brett tells Neil: “You have to get rid of it every 10 minutes that you do work, that a $10 an hour assistant should be doing, you’re losing $50.” 

It’s all about achieving success while retaining peace of mind and enjoying the benefits of delegation. Until you start delegating and getting your intake in order, your growth path will not be as lucrative as you would imagine. For example, a Billing Assistant can help you to manage your accounting, and a Marketing Assistant properly can make sure your law firm is advertised how and where you want it. You can add incredible international Top 1% talent into your law firm; start delegating your way to freedom HERE.

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