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Candid Convos with Ryan Mckeen

Candid Convos featuring Ryan Mckeen, hosted by Joe Bravo.

It’s Candid Convos time! That’s right the show where our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator), interviews great business leaders. For this episode, please welcome Ryan Mckeen, an attorney owner of Connecticut Trial Firm, he represents individuals against multi-billion dollar corporations that are focused on profits, not people. He fights those corporate interests to get clients the resolution they need to be made whole.

The Virtual Staffing Solution

When Ryan finished law school he started working in a small law firm, there he learned a lot about practice but after some years realized that wasn’t going to be his future. He needed to go out on his own and start his own business. He started to leverage the time and talent of others and started to grow his business, by deploying leverage to people it was possible. After hiring two full-time employees, the workload started to flow much quicker and the team just kept growing.

After learning from a colleague the possibilities a virtual assistant could provide to his firm, Ryan contacted Get Staffed Up and recruited an incredible offshore staffer. Realizing how efficient his VA was (she has been with Ryan for more than 3 years) it was a no-brainer to hire another one to keep increasing his law firm’s reach. Placing virtual assistants in different positions allows the operation of the law firm to become much more efficient.

The Benefits of Offshore Technology

“You have to be focused on developing a great product, you have to be excellent at what you do.” You got to get people to work for you and delegate to target the billable task you are an expert at. Massive growth starts from little consistent efforts, trust in the process, and analyzing your metrics regularly. Hiring needs to be a priority for every business, leverage talent into actions to increment your productivity and your profitability.

Virtual work creates so many exciting opportunities, providing good jobs to offshore employees and improving their way of life, while also scaling your business and achieving better results. The reality is that technology provides tools to get the work done from anywhere in the world and with a solid work foundation, the possibilities are endless. Finding the right people through companies who are dedicated to vetting the greatest talent is something you should start doing as soon as possible and see for yourself the enormous benefits of delegation. HIRE THE TOP 1% TALENT RIGHT HERE.

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