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Candid Convos with Starcee Rivera

Podcast entitled Candid Convos with Starcee Rivera and Get Staffed Up's Senior Communications Coordinator, Joe Bravo.

Welcome back to Candid Convos! A show where amazing business leaders share their insights and experiences with our host, Joe Bravo (GSU’s Senior Community Coordinator). We welcome our incredible guest, Starcee Rivera, an attorney who provides quality legal services at an affordable price. She has been a licensed attorney for more than 5 years and has successfully litigated civil, family, and criminal cases. Starce is licensed in both the State and Federal courts in Florida. She’s a trial attorney and will take a case to trial, if necessary, to attempt to reach each client’s goal.

Building a Strong Reputation

She was drawn to criminal law after a lot of people she knew when growing up were having legal issues. Because of the environment, they grew up in, Starcee got the chance to move out and prosper but wanted to give back and help the community she grew up in. Thanks to building a strong reputation and word of mouth, Starcee’s practice grew exponentially, and she was able to help a lot of people in a short amount of time.

Starcee realized she needed to establish boundaries when it came to people reaching out to her via informal channels, such as her personal social media, etc. She decided it was the right time to hire someone who could help her and protect her time. Hiring an offshore virtual assistant helped Starcee free up a lot of her time and thanks to consistent onboarding she was able to delegate quickly and focus on the crucial aspects to grow her business.

Hiring Is The Way

Her VA handles intake, scheduling calls between Starcee and her clients, and other administrative tasks. Starcee is confident and comfortable delegating more responsibilities to her VA because she knows her VA will always go the extra mile. Due to the benefits of delegation, Starcee’s practice has become 90% virtual. She still has a physical office for people who wish to come in, but she is excited about the possibilities of a fully virtual office.

Nurturing a digital environment has been an easy task for Starcee and her VA, thanks to constant communication and trying to improve every day so things get done faster and more efficiently. By providing the necessary tools to her VA and respecting her schedule, the virtual team she has created has become an integral part of keeping increasing the profitability of the practice. Hire the Top 1% offshore virtual talent HERE!

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