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How I Doubled My Revenue After My First VA Hire

How I Doubled My Revenue After My First VA Hire

Get Staffed Up started in 2018, founded by lawyers Brett Trembly and Enrique Fernandez. It has since become the largest virtual staffing company for lawyers in the US, pairing amazing business leaders with incredible offshore talent. But not everything started greatly right away; it was a process that took a lot of introspection, planning, and vision. Let us tell you how our fierce leader doubled his revenue when he first hired a virtual assistant.

The Necessity of Taking Risks

Since childhood, Brett Trembly had an entrepreneurial spirit within, always looking for opportunities to make money and help others. When he finished law school and started his own business, he was ready to conquer the world, but not everything would be as smooth as he would have wanted. He struggled during his first two years to build his law firm. Like most business entrepreneurs, at first, he was afraid to hire more people and failed to grow the business.

After reading and receiving counsel, he realized that it was unsustainable to continue trying to do everything by himself. It was time to take risks and start building his dream team. By hiring you to obtain your greatest assets and your biggest pain points (when not dealt with correctly). Being afraid of failure is normal; it shows that you care, but trust us, and mainly Brett, when we tell you taking risks and hiring great talent WILL provide you with excellent results. 

The Virtual Solution to Ultimate Freedom 

After learning about the solutions a virtual assistant could provide to his practice, Brett decided to hire one. By learning how to delegate tasks and improving workflows within less than a year he doubled his revenue! Hiring smart was the solution all along. The turnover dropped, and he started spending way more time on the critical aspects that brought more business and money.

By adding smart capacity with better output, his practice grew faster, spending less money. Also, helping real people offshore is a win-win. The virtual assistants speak great English, work on their timezone, and take advantage of economic arbitrage. However, vetting is crucial, you need to test your candidates; if they pass the tests, that means they would most likely be amazing in the position. Including your virtual team members in everything that you can delegate is essential. As with in-house teams, remote teams need to be nurtured as well, so they feel like they belong.

You too, can achieve ultimate freedom and increase your law firm’s revenue with amazing virtual employees. We’re living in a digital age, and finding extraordinary people who are committed to helping you grow is now easier than ever. But, remember how vetting is crucial; otherwise, you’ll be again wasting time and money with turnover. We highly encourage you to try our vetting process, we do all the heavy lifting for you and match you with the perfect virtual assistant. Find full-time VA’s and start expanding your reach while focusing on what you know best, generating more business and money. HIRE THE PERFECT VIRTUAL ASSISTANT HERE.

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