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5 Things AI Cannot Do For You

5 Things AI Cannot Do For You

In terms of technology, humans as a species could not have even dreamed of what we have achieved today thousands of years ago.We have conquered the skies, gone to the moon, and created an invisible network that connects the world. Technology advances at an incredible pace, and some science fiction concept is no longer pure imagination. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is lately the talk of the town. Each day it grows smarter and more capable of doing tasks only humans could do. New trends have flooded the internet, where AI is now creating art, essays and so much more. The inevitable future is upon us, but thankfully here are 5 things AI cannot do for you.

1- Provide Proper Customer Service

With the use of AI, businesses are creating flawless workflows thanks to the miracles of automation. However, when it comes to interacting with customers, AI cannot generate rapport with other human being. Programmed answers for frequently asked questions are nowhere near the same as real human interaction. Understanding complex human emotions are very important to successfully convey a message and eventually sell a service or product. 

2- Create Art & Content by Itself

A fundamental pillar that can define our human essence is art itself, pouring our feelings into pieces of art and creating culture. Although AI can generate music and art pieces through several algorithms processes, it still lacks originality and a profound sense of cultural identity. AI still needs nurturing with the information we provide.

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3- Understanding Context and Follow-Up Conversations

You know that feeling when you are completely immersed in a conversation with another person? It’s something remarkable, context, emotions, body language and culture combine into one single experience. While AI can somewhat mimic human communication and provide answers, it is unable to comprehend context, tone, and purpose. You still need human interactions to provide proper follow-up with certain clients and tasks.

4- Become a True Brand Ambassador 

Your brand has personality, an identity that you have carefully built, and brand ambassadors who advocate for quality products and services are remembered because of their particular personalities. AI lacks a unique and true personality, which means it still lacks a unique perspective of the world. 

5)  Anticipate Your Needs

AI relies on pattern behavior recognition, that’s how it knows when to send you alerts, send you recommendations and guess what content might be of interest to you. Nevertheless, when it comes to true anticipation, AI cannot keep up with an organized virtual assistant, who knows your needs and is aware of the context of situations. True leaders delegate to a capable team that will be ready for any inconvenience and prepared to offer you solutions to problems before you even spot them.

In conclusion, it is undeniable that AI has become more potent and ingrained in our daily lives than ever before. Our reliance on technology could either be our savior or our downfall, but we can attest to the superior efficiency of offshore virtual assistants over machines. Humans, not robots, make up your law practice, and you serve people with your services. Using a good mix of tech tools and human resources, maintain the personal touch while offering exceptional service.

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