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5 Misconceptions of Offshore Hiring

5 Misconceptions of Offshore Hiring

Should I VA or should I not? The little question keeps popping into your mind, especially when you wish you could delegate some tasks to someone capable. We are going to debunk some of the most common misconceptions business owners have regarding offshore staffing. By the end of this article, you’ll be wondering, “why have I waited so long to hire a VA?” Take note and learn from us the 5 Misconceptions of Offshore Hiring.

1- Virtual Assistants are Lazy

Wish our staffers never hear you say that or they’ll go berserk mode instantly, and justifiably so. The top 1% of talent we recruit are all extremely hard-working and committed people. VAs with a strong work ethic are extremely valuable since they will not make you waste your time and will make your business more robust. An excellent VA is proactive and before you realized they’ll become an incredible asset and part of your team, growing together in perfect sync.

2- Virtual Assistants are Unprepared 

Unwhat? No no, our virtual assistants are quite the opposite if we may say so. Sometimes geographical circumstances challenge extraordinary people to achieve their goals. We are proud to say we find amazing talent who is prepared to perform, and help you with all your needs and more. Our staffers like to be updated and constantly challenge themselves to reach new professional heights.

3-Virtual Assistants are Temporary

Some might think VAs are unreliable and at any given moment could quit and not let you know anything beforehand. Our vetting process makes sure we find the absolute best people, who appreciate the opportunity to work with a U.S.-based company. They want to help you and themselves grow into the best version possible. Our virtual assistants have a vision and know the value of career paths within an amazing company.

4-All Virtual Assistants are the Same

If you have tried virtual assistants before and it did not work for you, you need to realize first that not all VAs are the same. Where you hire from matters, a lot. Reaching out to a staffing company does not guarantee you’ll automatically find the perfect candidate. VAs are not robots that you can plug in and expect to start performing, you need to onboard them and teach your process and what YOU need help with.

5-Virtual Assistants are Unorganized

Since nobody is watching them, they probably have a messy workplace and not professional attire and attitude, right? Incorrect once again, we want only the best talent working for you. A critical aspect we require from our candidates is being organized. They need to be able to manage different databases and keep everything for the rest of the team to work with. Great communication skills will also be added to the mix, and a great VA knows how to reach out and prepare for work ahead of time.

And that’s a wrap, people! We debunked 5 misconceptions of offshore hiring and provided guidance and clarification when it comes to how a VA works. The right solution, with the right talent, is waiting for you. We can provide the absolute best candidate for your law firm or business. Reach out to us if you want to know more detailed information about our amazing virtual assistants.

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