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Candid Convos with Terrell Turner

Candid Convos with Terrell Turner featuring our Brand Ambassador, Joe Bravo.

It’s that time of the week folks, it’s Candid Convo time! In this episode, our host Joe has an analytical and insightful conversation with finance expert, Terrell Turner. Terrell has a background in finance and accounting and works with law firms so they can make better money decisions, you can find all about his services on his webpage. Terrell is also a podcast host who is involved in more than 3 shows. His main content focus is related to tutorials and business tips when it comes to keeping your numbers in order. Join us and learn how you can become a much more confident business owner.

Step by Step to Understand

Terrell’s previous experience in the corporate world, and working for the Fortune 500 provided him with insights, knowledge, and experience. After some time he decided it was time to start his own business, which, unfortunately, happened at the start of the pandemic. Not a great time to start a business one might say, but, thanks to his commitment and creativity he managed to ride the disease wave and walk out victorious.

He decided to get the most out of the situation and by using digital tools, he started through Zoom conferences and other media channels interviewing business owners. Asking about what they were lacking or could improve on the financial side of their business. Gathering the data collected and analyzing it allowed him to envision different opportunities to develop a business while staying virtual. Successfully meeting clients’ financial needs granted him the experience and confidence to start the podcast series. Helping people who might never need his services is still helping and thanks to a positive mindset, everything comes back around in a satisfactory way.

Data Provides Answers

Understanding his client’s needs has been always a priority for Terrell. By helping people become more confident business owners, they automatically improve other aspects of their lives, like greatly lowering stress. Having a front-row seat to the experience of helping someone is extremely rewarding. His business also provides orientation if the company’s problem is not a financial one, and maybe an operational one. They will get somebody else capable who can help you with your needs. “It is all about identifying the problem, and solving it with data backup”.

Now you know who to turn to when it comes to getting the help you need, set your law firm or business finances in perfect order. Terrell Turner will provide you with the expertise and absolute care to improve your numbers and your overall leadership skills. Creating a powerful team requires financial health and vision, keep improving yours with the extra assistance of offshore staffing. You can request administrative assistants to help you with your finances and always keep things in order. You can learn more about a Virtual Administrative Assistant HERE or you can know about more options for virtual employees HERE.

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