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​Scaling Up Your Business with Brett Trembly and Misty Buck

Scaling Up Your Business With Brett Trembly And Misty Buck

What do you get when you combine on a set, a great business leader and a marketing expert? A valuable and insightful conversation that you will not want to miss.

Brett Trembly, lawyer and Co-founder of Get Staffed Up joins the one and only Misty Buck for a brief discussion on her show “Marketing Mondays” regarding offshore staffing, the benefits of delegating tasks to virtual assistants and why Get Staffed Up has changed the lives of business owners and international employees for the better.

GSU: The Fastest Growing Staffing Company for Lawyers

Brett’s previous experiences dealing with the difficulties of handling a business by himself made him aware of the necessity of delegation. By trying to do the most he actually was failing to get the most. Adding on top the arduous task of finding quality local entry level positions. Then the idea came, hiring could be done internationally.

Misty Buck herself has 2 VA’s (virtual assistants from GSU) and could not recommend them enough to her colleagues. “They are absolutely phenomenal”. Without a traditional office setting she learned that talent was the missing ingredient to expand her business. Virtual assistants have become instrumental for law firms expansions. Regardless of physical presence, onboarding, training and trusting your employees is essential for the greater good of your business.

Virtual assistant benefits

Affordable Business Scaling-Up

Working to pay other people, that is not the way. Work smarter and not harder, fill the gaps on your business with people who are efficient and committed. Hiring can be challenging, even more so with the great resignation going on. Turnover it’s killing companies and to stay in the game you need to level up your game. Repeat after us: “I Will Not Try To Do EVERYTHING by Myself“. That is the kill switch you must avoid.

Misty and Brett make some interesting statements when it comes to growing your community and targeting the right niche. Get people interested and engaged with your brand, it is crucial for the stability of your business. Build a Facebook group and cultivate it, it’s been proven as one of the most efficient methods to engage with audiences. Referral programs and incentives for your clients. Contact centers of influence or organizations that are in a capable position to send you clients as well.

Delegate then Duplicate (Incoming Income)

When Brett decided to hire a virtual assistant and delegate all of the day to day tasks to her, he finally had time to focus on important parts of his business. In less than one month he had done it, he doubled his revenue. Using the strength of other talented people allowed him to improve his workflow and help other clients have amazing experiences with virtual assistants.

But not everything comes down to delegation only, you NEED to provide feedback, instructions and specifics. The clearer the tasks are explained, the less you’ll have to worry about it. Building a great team takes time. Lastly Misty and Brett remark on the importance of freeing mental space and saving energy. You being on the hamster wheel all day, is not building a business. Detect what you have to delegate, keep track of results, provide feedback and achieve your goals.


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