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Candid Convos with Christina Alvarez

Candid Convos with Christina Alvarez, featuring Joe Bravo.

Welcome back! We are excited to share with you our newest episode of Candid Convos. Here we discuss virtual staffing in the new remote economy with a business owner, or lawyer, who utilizes virtual staff. In this episode, our host Joe has an insightful conversation with the one and only, Christina Alvarez, a Miami-based family lawyer whose expertise and uniqueness have charmed and relieved a lot of people in need of proper legal representation. She has worked to distinguish her firm and her practice from others thanks to her compassionate and caring approach, as well as her firm creativity to take on new challenges.

An Ardous and Caring Journey

Before Christina became the acclaimed and respected lawyer she is today, she was a determined young lady who started working as a paralegal. With no connections or family involved within the law spectrum. Nevertheless, she immediately fell in love with the work and confirmed something, she would love to become a lawyer. Working as a paralegal for more than 4 years at an important law firm, gave her a lot of experience that she would find extremely valuable in the near future.

She learned as much as she could and became extremely good at her job. Realizing that she was performing practically like a full-time lawyer and seeing her colleagues would even look up to her advice; she realize she could do the job herself. So Christina decided to enter law school to become a lawyer, hoping to one day, open her own firm. Her reliability and commitment quickly propelled her to new heights and challenges.

Christina gained experience working with children on the State’s behalf, an event that will greatly inspire her. Her compassionate method of caring and connecting with people became a staple of her work. She decided to focus solely on family law and minority representation, especially the Hispanic community.

It’s not about a Transaction, It’s about a Human Relationship 

Thanks to her excellent work, Christina eventually became a member of influence in the Hispanic bars community. People connected with her and she with them. She always knew that people are “Looking for representation with someone they can connect with and understands them”. The majority of her staff is Hispanic as well. Clients understand where she is coming from and know she strives for justice and always does the right thing.

Empathy is essential to bonding. It’s not about a transaction, it’s about a human-client connection. Christina is an advocate of after-sales, she always stays in touch with her clients, even after completing the job for them. She regularly checks on them and sends them valuable information. This method has allowed her to organically grow her firm, thanks to excellent reviews and constant client referrals. Everything is intentional and to keep it authentic, Christina’s firm strives for creativity and people who share the same values as them. “Peace is what they are looking for”.

The Importance of Delegating

Starting her own firm was a demanding task for Christina Alvarez. Her team back then only consisted of two people, and she was working almost 24/7. Before burning herself out, she decided it was best to hire a receptionist and a legal assistant. Delegating to her team dramatically improved her work performance. She had more time and energy to focus on the most important aspects of her firm. Virtual staffing also came into her consideration around 2020, and curious enough, not because of the pandemic. Christina realized early that everything was going virtual so decided to update her business model. A new 100% online one.

Before hiring her new virtual assistants, Christina’s firm was losing leads. Unsure at first about hiring offshore employees, she decided to contact Get Staffed Up to find a perfect match for her firm. Thanks to a very methodical process of candidate examinations, she ended up with the perfect virtual assistant. One who shared the firm’s values and was extremely capable to fulfill her responsibilities. Now, Christina is on the lookout to expand even more her team with virtual assistants. We provide compassion, positivity, and enthusiasm”.

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