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A True Friend Supports You, But a Real Friend Staffs You

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A True Friend Supports You, But a Real Friend Staffs You

International Friendship Day was July 30. An unfortunate fact, overlooked among all the other holidays and celebrations. Friend support is one of the most rewarding and important concepts in our lives. With great friend support, we mold a huge part of our own identity. The sum of our friend’s personalities helps to mold the character of a person. We can say for certain that friendship is an immensely significant part of our lives.

In this post, we’re going to highlight the importance of friendship by discussing the types of things that friends do for each other. These are things that true friends do for one another.

True Friends Show Support / Share Best Practices 

When you think about the things that you most want your friends to do for you, what comes to mind? For most people, the answer is mutual support. We want our friends to support us in our endeavors, just as we know that we need to offer support in return. Support can take different forms – verbal support, material support, emotional support, etc. One of the best ways to support a friend is to share vital information which can help further business goals.

We know, the business world tends to be awfully competitive, so friendly support in this arena can be extremely valuable. When a friend shares information, for instance, on practices that have proven successful, a new technique that gives a competitive advantage, or a new software program that is efficient – all these things confer huge value to you as a businessperson. There is no doubt that we truly love our friends when they show this type of support.

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Real Friends Support by Providing Staff Referrals

What else do friends do for one another? Another way to help a friend in a business sense is to recommend quality staff members. When you refer a capable person to a friend, this can likewise be extremely useful. One way to do this very thing is to refer a virtual assistant to a friend. Many law firm owners are simply not aware of virtual assistantships; or, just as important, they’re not aware of the fact that virtual assistants can be just as effective, if not more, than in-person staff members.

You can break this illusion and inform your friend about how productive and beneficial virtual assistants can be. Remember that we have a bonus program: $250 for non-client referrals, and $500 for client referrals. Use Get Staffed Up virtual assistant referral and you are set. Virtual assistants bring the same productivity and professionalism as in-house staff, but comparatively the cost is lower, and they offer other benefits as well. When you have a VA, you don’t have any extra clutter in the office!

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