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The Secret To Success In Developing New Business And Developing Your Personal Brand

The Secret To Success In Developing Your Personal Brand

LinkedIn as the “Must Have” Social Platform for Lawyers 

In 2022, there can be little doubt that LinkedIn is the “must have” social media platform for professionals. Sometimes referred to as the “Facebook for professionals,” LinkedIn is a social networking website that allows users to build a profile for themselves, their company, or both. When you create a profile on LinkedIn, you are essentially building a “face”, a personal brand. Other professionals will see it, and so everyone should take the time to craft as valuable a profile as possible. A standard LinkedIn profile will include a primary image – this is usually a headshot for individual professionals, or a company logo for companies – name, current title, affiliations, responsibilities, interests, educational background, goals and objectives, and other information. Frequently, users will upload videos and other media.

While having a LinkedIn page is always a good idea, many professionals are confused about how to maximize your experience. How do you extract the most value from LinkedIn?

Your LinkedIn Profile Should Supplement Your Website

One thing you should avoid doing with LinkedIn is simply restating the information contained on your website. You should aim to have your LinkedIn page supplement or add to your website, rather than simply reposting the same things. Ideally, your LinkedIn page should contribute to your full professional reputation. You want your profile to “tell your full story”. This means you need to add in an extra personal touch, or other bits of information not included on your other platforms. You want prospective clients, and other professionals, to gain a sense of who you are when they view your LinkedIn profile. The last thing you want is to become lost among the myriad profiles on the site, and in order to stand out, you need to add personal touches and unique information.


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    Using LinkedIn for Referrals / Networking / Community Development

    The other thing you need to do to maximize the value of LinkedIn is actively engaging with other users. This means reaching out to other professionals in your industry, including sending connection requests, and also referrals whenever possible. Like Facebook, LinkedIn allows users to build connections with other users, and those official connections are visible to other users. So, in other words, when you have lots of connections, other users will be able to see those connections. Therefore, other people will know if you’re a relatively active or passive user. If others simply don’t think that you’re usually active, you have a lower probability of making new valuable connections or receiving referrals from existing connections.

    In this way, LinkedIn is an extremely valuable marketing platform. When you build your profile, and actively engage with others, you are adding another marketing front to your overall organization. You are building up your professional reputation, and this can have very important ramifications. Staying engaged with others in your industry will also prevent you from missing out on educational opportunities, seminars, and other potentially useful events and experiences.

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