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Profit With Law Podcast


Profit with Law Podcast hosted by Moshe Amsel featuring Get Staffed Up's Brand Ambassador, Joe Bravo.

On June 16th, 2022, Joe Bravo, senior brand ambassador of Get Staffed Up, was featured on the Profit with Law Podcast. The Proft with Law Podcast is focused on the business of running a law firm as a profitable venture. Pricing your services, getting clients consistently, growing your staff in a way that feels good to you, and implementing systems and technology to set yourself up for success are all discussions you will find in this podcast.

The host, Moshe Amsel is not an attorney. However, he spent 20 years as an executive in the IT industry before becoming an accountant and business advisor for small businesses. Moshe is the owner of a successful accounting firm DreamBuilder Financial and a Law Firm Growth coaching organization, Profit with Law. He has proven that there are better and different ways for a law firm to do business and be successful.

In this great episode, Moshe and Joe talk about creating a work-life balance through time management and delegation. They start by discussing Joe’s background. Joe was a public speaker, and he used to run workshops throughout Mexico. The pandemic impacted his business severely because the country was not ready to shift to doing things virtually. During the pandemic, Get Staffed Up opened the opportunity for Joe. He could now work remotely with lawyers – a profession he admires. Joe is now the senior brand ambassador of Get Staffed Up.

Finding Balance

Joe is happy to work in a company that brings a lot of equilibrium and balance to the lives of lawyers. When hiring a virtual assistant, administrative and marketing tasks can be delegated fully. This allows business owners to focus on what really matters, creating a culture and growing a business. And due to the currency exchange rate, virtual assistants can also achieve work-life balance. They work remotely for a US-based company from the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, Joe recommends choosing your battles and adjusting your time for prioritization. Everything around us is moving at an incredibly fast pace and adding stress to our lives. By prioritizing the most critical aspects of your life, such as family, health, and work, you can find balance and achieve more. This balance can easily be achieved with a virtual assistant managing your emails and calendars.

Listen to the full episode HERE.


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