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Stop Wasting Billable Hours & Marketing Dollars

stop wasting billable hours

As law firm owners know, building a successful law practice requires a tremendous amount of time, energy, knowledge, intelligence, and drive. Needless to say, the theories and principles mastered in law school are not too useful in actually creating and developing a law firm. Law school teaches legal thinking, but the business of law is something different altogether. When you build a firm, you need a lot more than just technical expertise, you need marketing, client conversion, accounting systems, record keeping, and so forth. When it comes to growing a law firm, there are many different approaches. In one of our recent videos, we sat down with Will Dukes during a Webinar and discussed some strategies for scaling your law firm. In this post, we’d like to go over some of the essential points from the latest Webinar “Stop Wasting Billable Hours & Marketing Dollars”.

The Importance of an Organized Growth Process

One of the key takeaways from Mr. Dukes is that growth isn’t something that normally happens randomly or inexplicably; in most cases, except for a few notable outliers, growth in business is ultimately traceable to organized processes, organized systems which are designed specifically to facilitate growth and increase revenue. Occasionally, growth might happen randomly, but mostly it’s the result of a conscious effort.

If you want to really grow your firm, you need processes in place to shepherd clients and improve your conversion rate. So, you need an established system involving a strong presence on your telephones (i.e. ‘first line of defense’), a strong process for qualifying prospective clients, and then efficient systems in place for handling clients. Ideally, some of your marketing efforts can be achieved by the same people who play an additional role in the client intake process. This way, you can focus on other things.


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