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How to embrace your in house and remote team members cultures

cultural diversity

May 21st is a special day to celebrate cultural diversity. This is a perfect opportunity for you to appreciate the cultures of both your in-house team and your remote worker team.

With all the advances in technology, coupled with social and cultural changes, the modern law office is starting to take on a completely different structure. Technology has enabled law firms to add remote workers who are equally as productive and competent as anyone in-house; this, together with things like flexible scheduling, video consultations and conferencing, and plenty of other changes, makes the law office of yesteryear seem almost unrecognizable.

If you’re a law firm owner who has taken remote employees, it’s important to build a unified company culture in which everyone feels appreciated and valued. In this blog post, we will discuss a few tips on how you can build such an environment and embrace both your in-house team members and remote team members to the same degree.

Both Teams are Part of the Same Company

Although your in-house people show up to the office every day, your remote is still part of the same company. It’s very important for you to foster team building and emphasize the fact that all your employees are ultimately powering the same engine. Emphasize the similarities shared between your in-house culture and remote culture, and also highlight subtle differences which bring you strength. The bottom line is that you need to nail down the fact that everyone is working together as part of the same firm.


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