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Law Day: Celebrating the Role of Law in Our Modern Society

Law Day: Celebrating the Role of Law in Our Modern Society

May 1 was Law Day, a day that is often overlooked on the calendar. Law Day is a critically important holiday because our society depends on the law more than ever before. Not only do we need the law to ensure that justice is served, but we also need the law to preserve peace and order throughout society. In our complex, technologically advanced modern society, we rely on the law to provide rational guidance and settle disputes. The law will only become more and more complicated, and society will rely on the law even more, as time passes and technology becomes more sophisticated. In this post, we’d like to take a moment to highlight Law Day and celebrate the important role that law plays in our modern society.

The Purpose of Law Day

 Law Day compels us to take a step back and examine the significance of law in our society. Where would we be without our system of law? We can only imagine the level of pandemonium which would ensue if we were to discard our legal system for even just a few moments. Our law is the outcome of a gradual process of learning from trial and error, deductive reasoning, and our consistent pursuit of equity. We can see this clearly if we simply examine certain areas of law carefully.

Criminal law, for instance, attempts to balance the needs of both the individual and society, as individuals need reform and society needs protection and also a retribution for wrongs perpetrated against others. Similarly, the law of contracts is principally concerned with rectifying errors that adversely affect certain parties, and the means by which this is achieved is through the use of reason and logic. Our law is so critical mainly because we need a way to look at situations in an objective way, resolve disputes fairly, and push forward the ideals of our society in a balanced and reasonable manner. Needless to say, our society has to make an extraordinary collective effort to see that the law continues to operate in a healthy fashion. But doing so is absolutely necessary because without a functional legal system our society wouldn’t be able to have any of the things which allow it to flourish – a viable economy, stable markets, personal justice, and so forth.


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    Celebrate the Law with a VA

    Readers may wonder: if I want to acknowledge Law Day and celebrate the role of law in our modern society, what is the best way to make this happen? How can I best celebrate law in our current society? There are different ways to celebrate the law. One way is to make your own law firm as productive and functional as possible. Lawyers play a huge role in making sure that our law serves the best interests of society, and so making sure that your law firm is productive, strong, and ethically sound is an excellent way to celebrate the law. Toward this end, we urge our readers to consider adding a virtual assistant to your staff. A VA can perform all sorts of tasks that are vital to your firm – bookkeeping, marketing, accounting, scheduling, and so forth. Virtual assistants can absorb certain tasks and allow you to concentrate your efforts on fully optimizing and maximizing your organization. Not only will a VA increase revenue over the long term, a VA will also add to your overall functionality, as your colleagues will enjoy lower stress and reduced anxiety.

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