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Why Onboarding Your Virtual Team is So Important for a Successful Law Firm

Why Onboarding Your Virtual Team Is So Important For A Successful Law Firm

More and more law firm owners are waking up to the reality that having virtual assistants (VAs) can be extremely helpful. Virtual assistants are able to absorb many of the most critical tasks of a firm – bookkeeping, marketing, scheduling, accounting, web management, amongst others. – without creating any additional clutter. With current technology, firm owners won’t have to sacrifice any performance quality when hiring a VA. While there is no question that VAs can add tremendous value, firm owners will still have to make the effort to assimilate new VAs into their firms. In other words, there will always be an “onboarding process” involved with hiring a new assistant, whether virtual or in-house. In this blog, you will understand the reasons why onboarding your virtual team is so critical to your firm’s success.

All Assistants Need Guidance 

No matter how talented or well-educated your virtual team may be, you still need to dedicate resources to onboarding. If you don’t allocate resources to onboarding, there is no way that the potential of your virtual team can be maximized. By “onboarding” we mean all the steps involved in learning the culture of your firm – the rules, requirements, policies, expectations, and so forth. It’s not enough to simply distribute a workplace policy manual or a video on workplace etiquette; if you go about onboarding in this type of entirely “hands-off” approach, you won’t maximize the value of your team.

You need to step up and give direct guidance to your virtual team in order to have a genuine onboarding experience. Given that your virtual team is out of the office, this means having phone calls and video conferences. You need to establish regular contact and “shepherd” your virtual team through the process of becoming immersed in the firm.


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    Onboarding Creates Company Cohesion

    Onboarding is necessary in order to tap into the productivity of your virtual team. It is also necessary because it produces better cohesion within your company. If your virtual team isn’t familiar with company policies, culture, performance expectations, communication styles, and so forth, this will create a problem for cohesion. You want your virtual team to feel fully integrated, and onboarding helps further this goal tremendously.

    Training Leads to Higher Expectations

    There is a saying: “Without investment, there can be no expectation of return”. In other words, if you don’t spend resources to accomplish a goal, there is no way that you can expect anything to get done. The more you train your virtual team via the onboarding process, the greater the expectations you can place on them. If you don’t invest these resources, you’re literally setting your team up to fail. Only after you invest can you begin to place performance-related expectations on your team members.

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    These are just a few of the reasons why the onboarding process is so vital for your law firm. If you’d like to learn more, contact Get Staffed Up, LLC today by calling 866-763-5699.


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