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5 Tips to Keep Your Billing Assistant Happy

5 Tips to Keep Your Billing Assistant Happy

Billing assistants are a vital part of your professional staff. The specific tasks assigned to your billing assistant may vary depending on the nature of your firm, but all billing assistants will be focused on your accounts receivable (A/R) and accounts payable (A/P). Simply put, billing assistants keep track of the money that flows in and out of your company. Naturally, you’ll want to be sure to keep this type of person happy. Here are 5 tips to keep your billing assistant happy.

 1. Provide Work-Life Balance

In the days of yesteryear, many employees were not too much concerned with work-life balance. Employees were expected to be fully committed and immersed in their work, and little leeway was given for the vagaries of real life. However, these days, there is much more importance placed on having a fair work-life balance. And as a firm owner, you need to be aware of this fact. Give your billing assistant the option, for instance, to develop a flexible schedule if such flexibility is necessary. Offer other opportunities and choices which can provide an adequate work-life balance.

2. Give Adequate Paid Time Off (PTO)

As a firm owner, you know that providing paid time off (PTO, or “vacation time”) is not mandatory. Employers are not under any state or federal command to provide PTO for employees. But, as a firm owner, you need to remember that you are in competition with other companies to attract and retain the best employees, and you can’t expect to keep employees without offering some perks. Be sure to offer enough PTO so that your assistant can take a much-needed vacation every so often.


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    3. Recognize Hard Work & Achievements

     One of the main reasons employees become dissatisfied and unhappy with companies is lack of recognition. If your billing assistant performs his or her tasks at a high level consistently, you need to recognize his or her diligence sufficiently. This doesn’t just mean extra compensation (although we will discuss that in just a bit), it means giving open and honest recognition in the form of company-wide notice. Perhaps you can send off a company-wide email in which you highlight your assistant’s accomplishments. When employees feel valued, they are much more likely to stay.

    4. Encourage Frequent Communication / Participation

    Another way you can keep your billing assistant happy is by encouraging frequent communication and participation with the rest of the company. One reason employees leave is that they feel cut off or disconnected from the company. Encourage your employees to regularly reach out to you, for whatever reason, and try to sponsor company events in which your billing assistant can participate and feel connected with coworkers and managers.

    5. Offer Additional Compensation When Necessary

    This is a no-brainer. If your billing assistant exceeds expectations, and you’re looking for another way to show appreciation, you should offer additional compensation. As we’ve mentioned, additional compensation isn’t the only way to keep your billing assistant happy, and obviously, in some cases, additional compensation isn’t always feasible. But, whenever possible, give some extra compensation to show that you really value the contributions of your assistant.

     If you’re looking for a new billing assistant, consider the option of hiring a virtual billing assistant from Get Staffed Up. These days, virtual assistants are capable of the same efficiency as in-house employees. And in many ways, virtual assistants provide some critical advantages. To learn more, contact Get Staffed Up, LLC by calling 866-763-2452.

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